Eclectus parrot singing and talking

Milo, a Solomon Island Eclectus talks, and sings, “You are My Sunshine”.

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  2. I just got my first male Eclectus. He is 11 weeks old. He is actually my first bird! I hope I can teach mine to do similar things! So adorable!

  3. Love this video. I have the same parrot. He is 15 and he says a lot of words, but I can’t get him to sing. Anyway, he is beautiful and smart..

  4. something like..Oh Sweet Jesus my God, You are my Sunshine, You make me happy..!!!

  5. This beautiful bird will be singing to his Amazing Creator some day! ..probably the same song.

  6. It is wonderful, they are so rewarding! My boy is almost 2 yo and he is super lovable, he likes all the family, he doesn’t shriek for no reason. I would highly recommend this breed.

  7. dude….at the beginning of the video i swear milo didnt look real :l

  8. What an absolutely adorable, happy, and well loved parrot. Great job caring for this extra special boy!

  9. No Bloody WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! where are you guys hiding the tape recorder?

  10. I think you would really be happy with an Eclectus parrot. They have A LOT LESS dander than all other parrots.

  11. Are these birds hypoallergenic? I just had to return back 2 parakeets because of severe allergies 🙁 I researched the net and read this bird is hypoallergenic but I wanted to find out from others. Thanks.

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  13. Milo was so still in the beginning, we thought he was a stuffed animal parrot… then, he moved-ahhhh, oooooh, soooo adorable! He wears his colors very well!

  14. The most beautiful Eclectus on earth until i get mine :P:P
    So beautiful, healthy and taleneted parrot !!

  15. @jonyrock…so not true! We adopted a 6 year old female eclectus two weeks ago. At first she wanted nothing to do with us but now she comes to us and gives kisses!!! She hasn’t talked yet (not sure if she knows how) but we’re working on it. She’s adorable!!

  16. buying a previously owned bird in my opinion is pointless as the bird will not want to get friendly with you and will be almost impossible for you to be able to touch him/her