Eclectus Parrot Tricks Tricky Ekkie Toby

Toby is a 2 year old male Eclectus. the tricks he is doing is nesting cups, and playing piano. He love to play

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  1. I really liked how Toby did a good quality job the second round. What a great bird! I just bought mine last Saturday and he’s being weened till Jan 1st 2013!

  2. This is amazing Our Eclectus is 7months and he hasn’t been with us for long and when we get him out to play hie just returns back to us and seems a bit frightened when we aren’t holding him. Is there anything you thnk we can do to bring him out of his shell so we can start teaching him things?

  3. so cute! I’m getting a male eclectus this month and I’m super excited!!

  4. i adore that parrot and its clever tricks! i love parrots and thier tricks and i like this one too!

  5. do you think i could get my 19 year old boy to do it? He’s been with me for two years.

  6. great job =) how did you teach him to do that? i have to start having my ekkie do tricks

  7. When I saw this I went and bought some cups for my little guy. He is very young still though so we aren’t going to be working on it yet. He is only 5 months. Still getting a hang of his toys. Lol.

  8. He is so cute you did a great job with training him this is so rewarding for you and the parrot. I love the song Toby Mac rocks :>)

  9. aww he is a cutie. how long did it take you to teach him? i’m going to start training my ekky