Epic Talking Parrot Cusses Up a Storm

Loki brings you the trials and tribulations of being an African Grey Parrot in this short film. He begins in his happy place but finds himself conflicted there in the middle for a bit. Then, he shows acceptance by deeming himself a “good boy.”

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  1. “Bad bird bad bird! Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?” Hahahaha… That is one of the most funniest and awesomest things that I have heard a bird say. XD

  2. Awe, sweet baby! I love African Grey Parrots, I currently have a Quaker and I am looking for new ideas on how to train him!

  3. yes its amazing how could a bird whistle? its almost like a dog barking….

  4. why does this parot remind me of an truely slow autistic person? im not being funnyy either..this is just how my friends mildly retarded brother acted…..only he kept trying to hug you.

  5. not judging… that was just kinda a dumb question, you have to admit that

  6. Bad thing is when you get tired of this bird. No one will want it because it cuss’s.Take so a beautiful art bird and you make it ugly to people because you have taught it this.If it’s a rescue good for you! Teach it to say Jesus loves you and he really does 🙂

  7. If this bird is repeating bad bird and no bite, clearly that’s what he’s hearing. Bad owner, really!!! Why post on you tube that this is how you treat your parrot. Try looking up “NOVA, Irene Pepperberg, Alex” and see how smart your bird really is… Biting is NEVER the parrot’s fault. They don’t bite each other in the wild! They learn that from trying to deal with people…

  8. I think humans learned how to whistle from birds in the first place. 😀 LOL. 

  9. It’s his voice box I guess. They make up to something like 3000 different sounds with it.

  10. Yeah – It’s a combination of my husband and I … and my husband love his Call of Duty. We taught him the theme song to Cops but with ‘Bad bird” because we thought it’d be funny. 🙂

  11. He’ll do call and answer phrases, like if I say ‘Bonjour’ he’ll say ‘Ca va?” or if I say “knock knock” he’ll ask “who’s there?” I think sometimes he thinks he’s having a conversation with us, but it doesn’t always make sense. 🙂

  12. Loki can be a bit shy. We leave the camera out and hope for the best. Eventually he stops being weirded out by it and starts talking.

  13. He’s around my husband and I a lot so he ability to speak is a combination of us repeating things to him we want him to learn and him just picking up sounds and words he likes to say (that we don’t always want him to repeat … 🙂 )

  14. Aww don’t do that n,n he probably doesn’t even have a clue what he’s saying x3