Explore the World of Birds and Biodiversity

This inspiring footage of birds and wildlife celebrates the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s long-standing tradition of documenting and sharing information about the natural world. Thanks to you, that tradition continues. We hope you’ll keep watching, listening, and exploring with us to improve the understanding and protection of birds and biodiversity.

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  1. I don’t know why I love so much the birds. I can’t explain this but I love the wings.

  2. Thank you. We need more people like you. People who can makes us proud of being human and earn the right to say we are civilized and truly care about all the other creatures whom we share the planet with…

  3. Wow, truly amazing…i loved ecahsecond of this video, so inspirational greetings from El Salvador i trying to document our wildlife as you do, thank you for the inspiration…im speechless…

  4. I usually wouldn’t say this, but……..beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep you moron!

  5. tsanne25..Your a nutter.and hope your pellet gun teaches you a lesson.Bad karma from you…Pitty your son.

  6. the perfect place for a dad an son to spend time with a pellet gun then go out logging

  7. This video is the best and thr greatest video in the world i love it -3 this is very nice

  8. Earth was so beautiful before humans arrived; we have gone too far, and it is time for us to open our eyes and protect our creatures and birds. Every story of the losses of species is so horrific, but too many people don’t realize it until it is too late. Then we’re all sorry for the species when if we would’ve done something, we wouldn’t have to be. The world is running out of nature lovers. Spread the joy of planet earth and SAVE OUR CREATURES!!!

  9. I’m gonna cry in happiness and in grief. I have an unimaginable great feeling inside me. It just showed the most touching clip I have ever seen in my life. It showed an ivory-billed woodpecker at the beginning, too. I’m sitting here with my ivory-bill lover shirt on. Bless the natural world, bless cornell lab, bless the ivory bill.

  10. Eery is a different way of spelling eerie. Hope I didn’t offend you or anything.

  11. Ivory-billed footage is always so sad, and eery…

    Terrific video though! Must be one hell of a job working there.

  12. Be encouraged nature lovers, there are young people interested in birds and nature. My 17 year old son volunteers as a bird monitor, and there are others like him! We put our hopes for the future in the hands of these bright young people. Keep encouraging them! What a beautiful video too! Thanks Lab of O!

  13. Simply wonderful and amazing. If we cultivated our sense of wonder and curiosity more, the world would be a better place. Thank you for doing your part.

  14. A delightful rhythmic culmination of music and nature. The rare glimpse of behavioral activities a bonus.

  15. Such an amazing way to see life!!! I´ll never be sorry to be a biologist!

  16. Pass your passion onto others, for they need their eyes and ears to be opened!

  17. Please keep your uneducated, third-world language out of this video site.

  18. I as a teacher in deep South Texas where education at any level is so unappreciated try to constantly remind my students once in a while how important it is for them to strive to take care of nature and its creatures. I live in an enriched corridor of vast species of migrating birds to and from the Americas year-round and it is my duty to do what their parents at home won’t, and that’s to inform them of the privileges and responsibilities bestowed upon us as human beings!

  19. Sometimes we for get how beautiful our world is . Thank you for caring.

  20. fantastic clip-the footage is breathtaking, every split second is captivating and engaging, a very welcome addition to my daily emails from subscriptions, thank you Cornell Lab! Seasons Greetings and all the best for 2011!

  21. That bird in minute 1:22 is a Puerto Rican Flycatcher right?

  22. Gorgeous. I hear the sounds of so much wildlife but I don’t know who is making them. Now I see.

  23. Great video! Thanks for putting this together. I really enjoyed it.

  24. Awesome footage of our feathered friends!
    I’ve been contemplating a new course at my advanced age and have confirmed what I have always known, that I am intricately entwined with nature, that I need to keep in touch with the beauty of the earth, cherishing the role I play and to look to the earth for my insight and answers. All of this I knew as a small child and left behind when a ‘grownup’ I became, now I am seeking to rekindle the flame of passion for the earth!

  25. Beautiful! thank you Cornell for sharing and leading us all in the right direction!

  26. Amazing collage of videos and the music synchronizes perfectly to the grand display of the natural world. I love the action of Polar bear to the rhythm of drums!! Thank you!

  27. This is a passion that takes on a different adventure everyday. Keep up the great work. And thanks for sharing your work. There is so much beauty in nature and you have opened the window so we can peek into it also.

  28. Thank you for creating such a lovely video hymn to the natural world! My mother recently passed and this helps me remember that life carries on, that spring will come again and that we and all the creatures on this earth are connected.