First freeflight with Eclectus Parrot

First free flight event with my pet parrot, Newton. He is almost 3 years and recall trained from 3 months age. He has been flown outdoors in leash numerous t…

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  1. i suggest just leave it the way they are coz. it’s natures way that there beak evolve that way so that they can serve will it’s purpose.

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  4. @j1o1n1a100 Yea I am going to train my Eclectus and when I really trust him I will find a safe place outside with a harness and see where it goes from there and yea thanks for the info

  5. @halohybrid1 : ” Don’t try this at home!” It takes lots of training – hawks and eagles are just a few of the risks. The subject should be studied and the training done before going really free! But it is great when done properly 😉

  6. Awesome I wanna do that but got to be careful lots of hawks and eagles where I live

  7. Hi Michel, no, yours looks very fine.The beak looks perfect to me. What a cute bird you’ve got there!

  8. I really would like to train my bird to free flight too! But you musn’t throw it into a flight or force it to, because they will get frightened too fly. I read that somewhere so I don’t know that from my own experience.

  9. Please don’t free fly your bird.. I used to take mine outside on my shoulder & a hawk swooped down from behind me and grabbed him . The hawk is fast like lightning and the bird is carried off high and over the trees.. They don’t have a chance..

  10. Thanks for your care – but I can assure you he’s fine – and I do trim his beak regularly.

  11. if you get this, I hate sounding like a know it all , because i don’t , but from your video I can tell he needs his beak trimmed. if it keeps growing without check he will not be able to eat . I tell you this because I know you love your bird.

  12. I’ve been in the avian field, for around 20yrs now. And these “free flighted” videos, of which they are many on Youtube, are proof of that dedication & training. However, i don’t recommend this practice for everyone. It can be EXTREMELY dangerous, having a free-flighted pet, in any outdoor situation. The chances are VERY high, for it to get “mob attacked” by other birds, especially those in the “Corvid family” I.E. Crows & Ravens. Or worse seriously injured, or even killed by a bird of prey.

  13. So very true, that’s why this particular practice, should NEVER be “taken for granted”.

  14. @5onCover
    For recall tips just make a search on “parrot recall training” and there’s lots of good adwise, better explained than if I write you a few lines. But it is great to be able to recall your bird – and fun to learn

  15. @5onCover @5onCover
    Thanks for your comment. Newton is kept in a small room, 4 times 2 meters, but he was caged the first 3 years of his life. He is also a hand fed bird, so taming is not an issue – he just loves me and has only known human beings as friends his whole life.

  16. Newton is awesome. I have a rescue ekkie who came from an aviary. He was not tame, but he is handlable now. He’s a VERY precise flyer. I fly him short distances until feathers grow back. Can you tell me about Newton’s home life – must he step up to come out of his cage or can he come out whenever? Also, how do you start recall? My guy loves to fly off my arm to our tree. He will step up to fly again, but I can’t figure out to get him to fly to my arm or even jump to it. He is super strong.

  17. i fly my bird with a harness i wouldnt mind free flying but im to scared

    GGG (Gorgeous Green Guy) By the way!! 😀

  19. That is amazing. That is how a captive parrot should live. The only thing is I’d be so afraid of hawks! I have 3 red-tailed hawks that circle my Amazon when he’s outside… I have to be so careful!

  20. I started real free flight with Newton 2 years old. But I trained his flying a lot all the way and also let him fly indoor every day and in a gym occasionally.
    Has your bird had the chance to fly all these years? Is it in a physical condition to be able to fly for at least a few minutes?

  21. I don’t think a really clipped bird will ever become a good flyer – by “really clipped” I mean a bird who has never been able to fly and have never learned all the skills needed. It takes a lot to fly, try it yourself! The power and coordination is immense and must be learned. A mature bird who have not used the muscles for years may learn to fly, but I don’t think it will really love it…read Chris Byros story about his first free flight attempts with his macaw.

  22. One should never free fly a bird not especially trained to do so.
    The treat is pea nut butter – that’s why I don’t feed him by hand 😉

  23. what does recall training entail? how do you train your friend to return you like this?

  24. wow! i have a eclectus as well but he has cliped wings and when they grow back could you teach me how to get my eclectus to free fly

  25. Wow!!! That is awesome.. I’d love to be able to have my bird do that. I’m toos cared he will just disappear never to be seen again..

    Why don’t you feed the treat by hand?

  26. That’s awesome!!
    Never knew you could train them to do that do you have to start when they are young??
    Mine is 6 yrs old.

  27. He is only around 350 g but he has been that sinse he was 6 months. Wether it is due to his diet or to excercise I don’t know. But off course it is healthy (both physically and emotionally) for him to fly.

  28. Do you find he doesnt have issues with his weight like most Ekkies because of his excersize?

  29. Excatly – I also love seeing him land on my arm – and the feeling of affection as he returns to me from a joyfull flight!

  30. Wow, Newton is beautiful. It’s amazing to watch him fly and to see the underside of his wings as he comes up to the camera. And it’s marvelous to see him so happy. You must have had your heart in your mouth the whole time….but you didn’t show it!

  31. Where did you buy the transmitter? It sounds like a great idea! What a beautiful ekkie

  32. Great idea - but do it with care – I guess you don’t want to loose him, right!!
    I have seen Jasper on youtube already. He’s really nice! Consider bringing him to the gym to let him get some good excersise – he’ll need that for free flying.