Foods That Are Toxic to Parrots | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Hello fans of feathered friends,
Today I thought it would be important to go over foods that are toxic to parrots. It is always good to go over this information again every once in a while, no matter how long you have had your bird.

Remember, birds have a way of getting in to everything so it is a good idea to establish good habits right away and inform everyone in the household of all the foods that are toxic to your parrots.

Some foods such as avocado can be harmful right away while others can have serious effects over time eventually breaking down the kidneys and liver function, so it is best to avoid harmful foods all together even if it seems as if your bird is enjoying it.

When birds get sick, they often pass fast as they hide their symptoms until it is most often too late so the best way to take care of your parrot is through preventative measures with a healthy diet.

Remember, help others with their parrots, don’t attack them. Love parrots enough to help their owners!

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  1. We just bought a 7 month old sun conure. Mostly all of our really nice pot/pan sets are nonstick.. I've heard that they are toxic but we mostly keep him in the other room with a door in between . Is this still bad? And also we were giving him grapes for about 3 weeks because everywhere online it says they are safe for birds, it was his favorite treat. Our first visit to the vet the dr said they are toxic. We don't give them to him anymore but do you know anything about this, even though we are definitely going to listen to the vet as well.

  2. I have cacti in my room should I remove them before getting a bird bc of the spikes

  3. Can't you cut the fruit/vegetable/food (i'm talking about fruit mostly) into slices will it still effect them? If you take the pit out, and then you cut the like cherry pit or cut the cherry starting from the top then slicing around the side, bottom, other side, then meeting the top where you made the first slice and sticking your knife in the pit or use a silverware or your finger to get the pit out depending on how hard it is/ as big as a avocado or peach or mango. Will this still effect you bird? Not that I have one I really want one though!

  4. "Birds love seeds."
    looks over to my Indian ringneck, and sees him munching on seeds :3 "Hi avocado!!"

  5. Thank you so much for telling me all this stuff I will only give my bird good stuff 🙂

  6. I am new to this and was told that two many sunflower seeds are bad for a African gray is this true (I don't have any birds I'm just intrested at the moment)

  7. do you think i should get a budgie ? i'm 12 years old and i have studied all about birds until 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM and all day today . i don't know if pellets or seeds are good for the bird and is there a way to stop your bird from throwing their food outside of there cage ? also is news paper bad for them ? i'm using news paper to put it on the bottom of the cage to clean up easily. i want to get 1 budgie and get the other one later after i hand train and get trust from the bird . please reply asap anyone will help 🙂

  8. I'm not trying to be hateful or anything but you shouldn't kiss your bird because there's going to have saliva on it and just a little bit of saliva on your bird can be a huge amount of toxic to them no hate or anything just can you please not kiss your bird but you can't do a nose kiss but if I am wrong you can correct me have a nice day night or evening goodbye everybody

  9. Hi…! Marlene I found a baby parrot and I don't know what did I give him to feed

  10. I have a question..

    My mom gave my Quaker birds a Mini toast with some Cardamom in it; is Cardamom good for them??

  11. interestingly enough – when i became a bird owner, i just stopped buying avocados because before i would let them sit out on the counter and ripen. after a few months i looked back and realized i hadnt been getting nearly as many migraines as i had before. turns out avocados were a trigger for migraines for me. having birds will help you live a healthier, more conscious life all around. i'm thankful 🙂