FRANKY & GIZMO MY QUAKER PARROTS *We Demand Our Special Sleeping Quarters 🐦🐤😪*

Not every parrot is the same…some go to bed sooner than other’s while some are ok with just having their regular cages covered.
CODY sleeps covered in his large day cage while Franky and Gizmo scream they’re lungs out until i take them to the quiet dark bedroom closet 😣😤😩 i put no feeder cups in on purpose, I’ve tried in the past and it freaked them out. They both stock up heavy on food and water right before telling me NITE NITE 😊😊 the longer it takes mom to give into their demands, the louder the boys will get 😤😤😨😓
The closet has 2 sliding doors…the one on the other side of they’re cages stays cracked open a bit for them.

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  1. I had to take a minute because this video made me feel dizzy because they are so CUTE!!! I say "night night", too – buy I'll never think about "night night" the same way!! 😵

  2. Nicole, Nicole, Nicole!! This is the most precious! ❤❤❤ This is also going into my Playlist saves!!! I mean, this is the cutest I've ever seen!!!