Frostie’s Mom’s Parrot Pictures ©Karla K. Larsson

Some photos of Frostie along with a collection of Frostie’s friends who live at Birds of Paradise, Paradise, California. (Photos by Karla K. Larsson, Magalia, California)

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  1. Really? Love birds are so fun and cute! Thanks for watching!

  2. 0:48 Looks EXACTLY like one of my love birds!! 🙂

  3. A vale ya decia yo cuantos pajaros tiene este jaja como no tenga un voladero.Pues bueno aunque no sean todos tuyos son preciosos,visita mi video yo tengo dos agapornis

  4. English translation of my comment to TheCriistinika:

    No, they are not all mine. I own Frostie, Corkie, Avis and Gracie. The other parrots in the photos are owned by Ted Watson who owns Birds of Paradise in Paradise, California where I got my parrots.

  5. No, no todos son míos. Tengo Frostie, Corkie, Avis y Gracie. Los otros loros en las fotos son propiedad de Ted Watson, quien posee las Aves del Paraíso en el Paraíso, California, donde tengo mis loros.

  6. Thanks for the info. I’ve never seen one before. They’re beautiful.
    Of course I’ve seen Frostie dance, he’s amazing!! We are friends through Frostie’s other channel that you had set up several months ago. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again!

  7. Thank you, by the way, for your compliment! You’ve seen Frostie dance, right?

  8. It’s a yellow Peach Face Love Bird. They are pretty little and about $100.00. They aren’t in the parakeet family because they don’t have long tail feathers but are a parrot. They make darling little pets.

  9. These are great pictures! I really like the bird at 3:34. What breed is that?

  10. Artist:
    Beth Donnelly and Douglas Feller
     Spargi d’amaro
    That’s Amore

    Thank you

  11. Oh I recognized them as cockatiels, but seeing so many photos of “tiels” and “toos” made me realize how very much alike they are. I guess that’s why they’re called COCKATiels and COCKAToos…

  12. The cockatiels are really cheeky! Lol! They can pose in the funniest ways as you saw! Thanks for watching.

  13. Oh wow i didn’t know that birds can be so great and beautiful they look so cute and cheeky 🙂
    and it seems like you really know what you’re doing its always great when pplknow how to treat their animals right…lucky Frostie and Avis i guess they’re the happiest birds alive =)

  14. No, only Frostie and Avis are mine. The rest live at the place where I got Frostie and Avis.

  15. omg you raising that birds all???
    I envy you:)
    I have only lovebird 🙁

  16. You may have mistaken the white cockatiels for cockatoos. Albino cockatiels: pure white, are very rare and you will not see them in pet stores because the breeders will always keep them. More common is the all yellow cockatiel with red eyes calla a Lutino. I do NOT like the red eyes, although some people do and they fetch a better price than a standard or some of the other mutations. Yes, some of their poses are hysterical! I think the crossed up top feathers are what make them so funny!

  17. Nice-looking birds… and I like the music! Some of the postures are hilarious! (The cockatoos and cockatiels really do look alike, don’t they?)