FUNNIEST Parrot Ever… Meet Our Grey Parrot “Lucky” Living on a Sailboat in the Caribbean!

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Hilarious video with our amazing African Grey Parrot “Lucky” as she shows a bit of her character while wandering around our sailboat “Sophisticated Lady’ in the Caribbean. “Lucky” has lived onboard full time for almost 10 years and has developed quite an astute personality in addition to her overwhelming vocubulary of several hundred words, phrases, sentences, sounds, etc.

In that amount of time she has also gained over 60,000 sea miles and has proven without a doubt that parrots can easily take to life on the sea. She has been extensively socialized and accompanies us ashore for many a happy hour… she is likely one of the most photographed African Greys in the world, and loves the attention… until she’s had enough and tells me she’s ready to go home, Lol.

You’ll see more of “Lucky” in our upcoming adventures, so sit back and enjoy her antics, and all fully subtitled to make up for the background noise… In “Lucky’s” own words… “Walk the Plank You BUM!” Lol

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  1. HAHA EPIC 😉 lovely African Grey wow looks beautiful! great video too. I think I need to get a Grey or another ringneck :P

  2. Well this is a first. I've never seen a parrot take a liking to boats, let alone live on one.

  3. Remember everybody, parrots don't simply fall in line like other animals. They are like having a child to take care of the rest of your life! Remember this please! They

  4. "FUNNIEST parrot ever" is the headline that got me to open the video. It's not funny at all. But at least it was mildly entertaining.

  5. parrots are like kids need a lot looking after naughty aswell

  6. Great vid. I have a 27 yr old grey. Hope her wings are clipped. She's a cutie.

  7. Omg so cute I love her! Very good behaved! we resently brought home a couple of red rump parakeets.. any advice on how to tame them?