Funny Bird Tricks – Funny Parrot & Bird Videos – Cute Parrots & Birds Compilation

Parrots and birds do tricks, imitate sounds, talk and play sports, dance and more! Who knew that birds could be so talented? Don’t miss this funny and cute bird and parrot tricks compilation!

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  1. How cute ^-^ i like the rainbow tail one and with a red head and hes face white awwwwww cute ;3

  2. 3:50 Not to detract from a cute bird trick..having the blue dot drawn on the bottom of the "card" is kinda cheating.

  3. E preciso muita paciencia para,treinar os animais
    Lindos e obedientes

  4. Спосибо теперь я хочу это повторить со своим попугаем!