Good Bird Inc Parrot Training DVD Clips

This video features clips from professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich’s DVDs. DVD 1 An Introduction to Parrot Behavior and Training DVD 2 Training your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam DVD 3 Understanding Parrot Body Language To learn more about Barbara Heidenreich and parrot training visit

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  1. I’d love to try this but my Parrot, a yellow headed amazon, doesn’t like any treats except for things like chocolate, and cookies, and i don’t want to feed him too much of that. Do you have any tips of GOOD treats i could give him that doesn’t contain things like sugar?

  2. It’s nice to see bird training resources promoting positive reinforcement instead of nonsense about dominating your bird. Aggression begets aggression, and I see that the most with parrots.

  3. please visit my FAQ page on my website. it has a ton of resources to help you. Just go to the Good Bird Inc website and you will see a blue box on the top left corner with a link to the page you need. (youtube wont let me post the url here. )

  4. We left his cage window open one day and he came out for a walk on the floor of our living room and had an explore of the next room. But when we try approach him, he just scuttled back into his cage. Need Help! We dearly love to bond with this lovely bird.

  5. Hi From Adelaide Australia, We just got ourselves a three month old Male Galah, had him for a month and a half now… we can’t touch or hold it… I gave it a go by holding my fist close to it and it went for a big nip… which I tried endure the pain. Did not draw blood. Since then it keeps running away every time I try place my hand close to him in his cage.

  6. You can find more info about my DVDs and other products at Good Bird Inc dot com. Youtube wont let me post a url in the comments section : (

  7. what is the cost of your products and do you have training dvd’s available?

  8. No package at the moment but we are offering 10% off until dec 3rd. If you visit my blog you can get the code. Just go to my Good Bird Inc website and click on blog.

  9. I would LOVE to get the biting and training DVDs. Is there a package?

  10. do u have these series available on DVDs? If so, how do I go about purchasing them. I have a cockatoo and quaker that needs behavioral training.

  11. You know what…I do the same thing when I see people dance with dogs. There is something about their human animal bond that makes me all weepy….in a good way : )

  12. YOU’RE SO COOL!!!!! LOVE YA! *hugs and kisses* haha. =p