Green Cheek Conure likes to be tickled (Funny and Cute)

Tickling a Green Cheek Conure

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  1. Guys don't worry about my bird, he is a fully grown adult and is now learning what is what, even screaming and dancing (,-.-)

  2. The reason your bird did not get up at first was because some birds are unable to flip them selfs back. Your bird did try to get back up by using its head. The bird also look stressed when you were playing with him , so I'd advise going a bit slower when flipping your bird to it's back. If it struggles when doing so then you should just wait until later to try again. The reason your bird was clutching it's feet together and moving it's head back and forth would be because that's it's only line of defense. You see they are super venerable on their backs. So you must first earn your birds trust before doing something like flipping onto its back and rubing its tummy. Best of luck.

  3. Umm is that supposed to be a pineapple conure or come cinnamon conure no?
    Alright then fine😒😒😑😑