green cheek conure parrot babies

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  1. Google breeders list to find Canadian breeders.
    The rules for exporting birds between Canada and the USA make it very difficult so I don’t think you will find a breeder who will do it. Better to just find a Canadian breeder!

  2. I looked at your website and saw you were located nearby Atlanta. How do you handle sales that go across state lines or possibly across national borders? I live in western Canada and would love a conure sometime in the near future

  3. I’m pretty sure that scientists have classified as dinosaurs… If you look at the bone structure, or just spend a lot of time watching them (like me) , you’ll see that they look startlingly similar. It’s hard for me to look at any bird, especially birds of prey or parrots the same way… They almost look the same as a theropod dinosaur (most did have feathers).This video just brought this thought to my mind. If they aren’t already considered dinosaurs, they are like orangutans and humans.

  4. They are so small! I have a Red Fronted macaw and a pineapple green cheek conure… So cutee <3