Green Cheek Conure Parrot – What they are like – Baby GCC

This video gives you an insight into what Green Cheek Conures are like! They are Very Smart, Cute, Playful, and very Cuddly. This bird is about 12 weeks old now.

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  1. Awwww I Love your Green Cheek Conure !!!! He looks just like mine =) !!! I love the way he let you Cuddle him on his legs & toes… so Cute !!!! Btw you Trained him well =) !!! And Yes, I Agree with you, GCC are Very Smart, Cute, Playful, and very Cuddly ♥

  2. i have a sun conure,just spent 10 months[1 time a month] going to a vet.because of a respirate and pulling feathers problem.spent $1200.00]vet said don’t ever give bird peanuts,because of fungas!!,also,i cant give seeds from store,only the pellets made for birds. my conure likes zupreen fruit flavored pellets. also give people food,cooked grains,vegetables,and small amounts of almonds,walnuts, sunflower seeds,but people grade ,no shell!! because of fungas. my bird gives me kisses. much love

  3. They are the quietest of all the conures, but having said that, it will depend on the relationship you develop with your bird. Mine has one screaming session per day that’s in the morning and it lasts about 1 min.

  4. Hey mate, are they quiet birds for the most part and suited for apartment life?

  5. Belle our conure doesn’t like us touching her tummy but doesn’t mine kissing it lol Your bird either is’t use to being touched on her foot or just doesn’t like it. I’ve done trick training with Belle since she was a baby and is use to giving High 5s and Shaking Hands, so she is use to touch us and being touched on her foot. Your bird is biting you, which is her way of saying “Don’t do that”

  6. Sounds like sweetpea is a Male 🙂 and I’m pretty sure if you have it DNA testing it will confirm this. You can only tell sex with these birds through DNA Testing.

  7. i have a question for u, my bird, Sweetpea, is two years old, she is attached to my dad like a female being attached to opposite sex, but when she’s on me she humps my fingers sometimes, I think she’s a boy.

  8. Your bird will never want to learn trick, you need to make it fun for the bird and give it lots of praise and reward treats when you bird does what you want. Its worth getting a book on Parrots so can understand them better. All our baby conures can setup, recall fly to you etc by 8 weeks of age.

  9. Just because a store does it doesn’t mean its right nor does it make them an authority on every bird species. They only do this due to lack of room.

  10. I have a 6 month old just bought a week ago. Name is Tango. Couple days got him to “step up”. How long do u think b4 he wants to learn these tricks? He is also molting now, I no that bothers him

  11. Birds will do well with each other of different species if they are raised together when they are young. Lots of exotic bird stores will raise babies together so they get used to each other. This one I go to had african grey and macaws together. Sun conure with cockatoo, etc.

  12. You’re welcome, All I know is my little Belle who is just over 2 years old is my everything. Actually, she is everything to the whole family . . I couldn’t imagine life without her. They are great birds and so intelligent. We got back from 3 days away from home, and once she was out of her cage, she would just keep flying from one person to another and spending 30min or so with us at a time. Its like she couldn’t work out who she missed the most 🙂

  13. Thank you its appreciated. I come here looking at all the videos and my kids are like why are you doing this to yourself mom! But they (the birds) are like drops of sunshine=)

  14. these conure videos make me teary,. i just lost my 2 year old pineapple cheeked conure Kiwi 2 months ago. I miss her so.

  15. Sorry I have no real experience with mixing different birds and how they would react to each other. I wouldn’t be giving you advice from experience so I wouldn’t feel comfortable pretending I know. All I can suggest is do some research and see how you go.

  16. I have a green cheek conure as well as a parakeet. They are both finger tamed and they are friendly with each other. Will this friendliness last or should I keep the separate in fear of my parakeet being hurt?

  17. Thanks GREAT 😀

    I know people who like to play rough with there conures and unfortunately they can bite hard and this is why its important not to let them get in that habit. Interestingly Our Little Belle has never broken skin in the whole time we’ve had her. If you can put in the time of training your bird to do tricks you will have a great relationship with him.

    They are a great little bird who are so VERY intelligent. Being respectful to your bird makes the world of difference 🙂

  18. Thanks for the advice! I tried what you suggested and sure enough, as soon as I said “ouch!” he stopped, looked at me, then started rubbing his face with his foot, LOL! I would like to say I have a good relationship with him, I might even have spoiled him a bit… <:( I will try to do what you suggested more often because I do think he does it because he can get away with it. Thanks again!

  19. Belle is also just over 2 years old and no she isn’t nippy at all. If you have a good relationship with your bird and respectful then Nippyness can be avoided. She used her beak to climb and touch and explore. When she bites a little too hard I just say ouch and pretend she is hurting me and she stops immediately. Also you will know when your bird is about to get nippy, if so then avoid or distract him. Basically don’t let the habit develop. Would love to discuss further but no enough room here

  20. Very nice video! I have a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure named Yoshi, a little over 2 years old. He tends to get pretty nippy at times, is this normal around his age? I got him when he was 1 month old, and he’s been a sweetheart most of the time, it’s very rare when he bites hard, though it’s usually when I’m playing wrestling with him in my hand (he flips on his back and flails around while I tickle his feet and belly).How can I help him remove the new feather quills from his head if he struggles?

  21. Really easy. During normal day to day trick training sessions that you do with your bird, when you see you bird is about to do Poo, Say something like “Do Poo”, followed by a treat and lots of praise. Most times the bird will do it first and then you’ll Reward and treat. Eventually your bird will learn to do it on command or a certain place depending on where you go with your training.

  22. I am looking at buying a GC and am curious about training. What kind of methods did you use?

  23. My G.C Conure named Reme is enjoying this and copying every thing he sees while he is on my shoulder

  24. it takes time for you bird to allow you to do this. You really need to build trust with your bird. Remember you are a predator and your bird is the prey, so your expectation is for they prey to have 100% trust in the predator! Most people miss this and compare birds to Cats and Dogs which is totally wrong. You bird is biting to protect itself.

  25. My Green Cheek wont let me touch his wings or feet he will get mad and try to bite me…..i can only scratch his head which he enjoys very much and sometimes he lets me scratch his belly. 🙂

  26. I have a baby green cheek, and he is absolutely adorable. Huge personality as well. :)

  27. We are breeders and brought her up from a little baby. You don’t actually tame birds but rather develop trust with them. Once they trust you they will want to be with you. The best way to learn is to buy a book on Parrot training. I have recommended a book somewhere below in the comments. We also have a pet Cockatiel which wasn’t “Tame”, it took about 4 weeks, then many months to bring him to the stage that he is now.

  28. Adorable video! My pineapple green cheek is the same way; we have a “thing” where is sits in my hand and I rub under his wings while he’s extending them…called Angel Wings. Very sweet bird!

  29. Trust is built over time and with lots of Positive Reinforcement. So basically the bird has a positive experience when with you. I couldn’t go into it all here because there isn’t enough room in these messages to explain bird behavior and the concept of Prey Animals, which is what a bird is, which is way different to either a dog or cat, both of which are predator animals

  30. But how can we show him that he can trust us? I think I cant buy the book because Im from Germany

  31. That’s exactly what she is like . . and she gets grumpily when gets upset with me, as specially when its time for bed lol

  32. Not enough room here to go over what needs to be done, put please check my responses as I’ve recommended a book on Parrot behavior which will make the world of difference no two ways about it. Your GCC bites to protect himself that’s all. Its the only defense he has to keep you away from him. If you put the time in, you will have the most loving pet that won’t want to leave you. My GCC is always with me. When out of her cage she will either be with my son, wife or myself 🙂

  33. could you please help me? my GCC bites and he hates hands..he´s 4 years old now and he had a bad history before we got him I think…My father wants to sale him..but I wont! I love him