Green Cheeked Conure – Parrot Training and Behaviour

Our Green Cheeked Conure after 4 years of birdie “behaviour modification.” I should also point out that Miko is no longer a “one person” bird, and can be handled by everyone in the family.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know, this gives us so much encouragement. We adopted a 4 year old green cheek from a couple who had hit hard times, he is quite friendly, but something about hands and fingers causes him to bite incredibly hard. We will soon start working with him after he has settled in a little more, and one day hope to have him similar to Miko. No bird is perfect, but with a little training, I know he will be amazing.

  2. I have had my conure for about a year and eight months. I have never had a pet bird before, so I never really knew what to do with him. I should have purchased some guide books, but I did not think it would be that difficult to care for my bird. Now, he is displaying some behavioral problems and I know that it is my fault. Can you offer some suggestions as to how I can handle the situation? I already purchased three different bird training books, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. what does it mean when a green cheeks have their neck feathers like at 0:47? also any basic body language info you can give me for green cheeks? because im getting one soon.

  4. How’d you teach him nap time and what does is mean when there neck feathers are slightly fluffed

  5. would a conure be okay around my two chihuahuas? I really want to get one but I would like them to all be in the same room so none of them are neglected. My dogs are pretty friendly around other animals so I think I would be more worried about the bird nipping the dogs.

  6. My green checked conure lets me do that all the time he will even fall asleep. I got him when he was around four months old he will only let a few people pet and hold him. He’s a mamas boy. He will also jump down and chase people around. Love my crazy bird

  7. Aw(: He made a big transformation if he was that nippy and mean. 🙂 He’s really sweet!

  8. i just rescued two 8 month green cheek conure. they are Sunny is a boy and Paint is a girl they are a pair. but they seem to be very afraid of me or anyone that gets near them. i tryd talking to them and giving them treats but they are still scared :/

    one thing that i have been doing is that i leave the cage open so they can come out, showing them that they are free to come out

    so im not sure what to do so they wont be afriad of me

  9. That’s so cute!!!!I’m getting my green cheeked conure today!!!

  10. It’s a combination of listening to body language (are there triggers for the biting, like accidentally catching a pin feather, which really hurts them, or someone coming into the room, or … ) plus having a clear consequence for biting (a safe but unceremonious placement on the floor along with a non-emotional ‘no biting’ command). After a few seconds, have your bird step up again. If he bites again, repeat the process. Yes, reward good behaviour, and don’t return him to cage for biting.

  11. how do you trian your bird to be like that my bird bite alot and doent like to do what your bird dose. shes a green cheek to

  12. how do you get a conure to stop biting? my green cheek never bit before, but i left her with my mom for four days while i was on a trip and when i came back, she started biting everyone… i don’t know what to do. She’s about five months old.

  13. Great job! I’ve also worked with untame conures with a great outcome. It takes patience, learning their body language and building trust. It also takes consistancy on the human’s part. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with plenty of research and only positive reinforcement, it can happen.

  14. i took him to a vet, and he;s healthier than me. The vet said to take him places, like an outing. I still dont see a change in him.

  15. they dont- mine is 5 months old and it bites like crazy, at least it doesnt yell. thats the only good thing about him. I love my cockatiel. Wonderful bird.

  16. Good work!
    Nice video – I’m getting my new baby conure, Magoo, in a few weeks.
    I hope he turns out as pretty and tame as Miko.