Green Fallow Parrotlets + Parrot Toys + Parrotletbirds specializes in Quality Hand-Fed Baby Parrotlets. Including non-related, bonded & proven parrotlet breeding pairs & singles.

Parrotletbirds Aviary has a great selection of Celestial Pacific Parrotlets For Sale. Please visit to view an updated list of our current available Parrotlets.

Parrotlet Color Mutations Available include:
~ Green Pacific Parrotlets
~ Blue Pacific Parrotlets
~ American Yellow Pacific Parrotlets
~ American White Pacific Parrotlets
~ Turquoise Pacific Parrotlets
~ Dominant Pied Pacific Parrotlets
~ Fallow Pacific Parrotlets
~ Albino Pacific Parrotlets
~ Lutinos Pacific Parrotlets
~ Single, Double & Triple Splits & More.

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