Guess Which Parrot Came To Wake Me Up Today? | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Hello parrot lovers,

SURPRISE! Another Parrot Video Of The Day 🙂
Often in the morning someone is outside waiting for me to wake up. In her case, she didn’t come out of her cage herself, she was let out probably by George who is most likely downstairs working and she knew that Genna or I was awake so she came up and waited.

Amazingly, she never screamed. She is one smart cockatoo, she had an idea that maybe I was still sleeping so came up to get close and hear better.

Parrots can be amazingly respectful like that. Mine don’t really make noise until certain people are officially awake.

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  1. Are the birds out of their cages all night? Or have access to the entire house all night?

  2. My momma instinct kicked in when I saw her up on the railing like that. I know she has strong feet and a strong beak, and the chance of her falling is near zero but if she did, she doesn't have any wings to slow her down before she made contact with the floor. That's just me though! You know her ability better than I do.

  3. why does your umbrella cockatoo pluck feathers? from stress?

  4. I've recently come into a mustache parakeet in sort of a weird way and I don't think he's ever been handled or trained in any kind of way sooo I could really use some help lol I'm also not profound in training birds sooo if you have an insta or something we could talk more one on one I'd really appreciate it

  5. 0:30 What the fuck is that thing?!?!? It looks like its a cross between half rat half rooster!!! I would be freaked out if that creature woke me up!!! How did get into your house??? Why did u hold it??? What is it??? Im so confused… can someone please explain

  6. hello mam.i wants to keep a male derabyne parrot …but how i identify in chicks …plz give me suggession

  7. jersey is such a sweet and playful bird. Really sad someone made her so stressed she plucked feathers

  8. 0:38 The great white rooster is waking you all with a cock-a-doodle-doo but she loves Genna so much & can't disturb her sleep 😀

  9. Marlene, consider giving us a tour of what goes on in your life from Morning to bedtime one version for the weekday & one for the weekend.

  10. can you make a video about macaws. Give a detail of how they behave. please

  11. I just imagine Marlene's house being a magical place with all those amazing birds🕊💙❤🌹

  12. it must fell great to a bird to be up high like that,

    I bet all your birds love your stairs balustrades!!!!!!!!!

  13. I love you birds their so cute and funny keep up the great vids and thank you for teaching me how to tame my birds