Hand Fed Sweet Baby Conure Parrots

If you are interested in one of our babies or would like more information please visit our web page: www.RainbowParrots.com I can be reached at Rita@RainbowParrots.com Royalty free Music by Kevin MacLeod Title: Cool Intro (at start of video) Title: Clear Air (at end of video) can be downloaded from: incompetech.com

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  1. love it. I just lost my Kiwi she was a pineapple cheeked conure and miss her!

  2. where do you get flight suits from? your conures are beautiful.

  3. I just bought a baby Conure Parrot. Your video helped alot. Thank you! Charles, Ventura, Ca.

  4. @momkat201 LOL @ Dolly screaming as if you were killing her!! It is so un-natural for them to have a flight suit on. It is very difficult to get them used to it if they weren’t introduced to it before weaning.

  5. I am Zoey’s moma. I had a Jenday that I wanted to take outside, but he hated the flight suit and just rolled around on the floor like a ball. It was so funny at the time. He is gone now, but when I got Zoey, I wanted to take her with me and I needed someone to train her to wear it. Now I’m going to be able to take her around the village where I live and show her off!!! Can’t wait to bring her home!

  6. I tried and tried to get a flight suit on Dolly – she would have none of that nonsense. She screamed like I was trying to kill her!! I wish whoever hand fed her had introduced her to a flight suit. Sweet babies, Rita.