He’s naughty, but still so cute!

Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo.
Letty the African Grey.
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My curtains will never be left alone lol!!
You can see in the 2nd clip when he spots my phone and then plots how to sneakily steal it 😂
Thanks for watching! 💙

❗️❗️❗️85% of parrots are either resold, given away, or abandoned within just 2 short years of being purchased. ADOPT DONT SHOP! Rescues are full of these wonderful birds, neglected, abandoned, and thrown out by inexperienced and most uneducated people that didn’t know the kind of work and commitment it takes to have birds. STOP UNNECESSARY BIRD BREEDING FOR PROFIT, and help these magnificent creatures.
If you are unable to adopt then please consider donating to a rescue/sanctuary that volunteers their time to help these animals in need. 💚
I cannot stress enough how heartbreaking this sad truth is…. Too many people impulse buy parrots because of cute or funny traits they’ve seen in other birds. ❗️No two parrots are alike…
A life stuck in a cage is cruel and so unfair to these magnificent beautiful creatures.
They deserve the absolute best!
So if you are interested in a parrot, please research, volunteer at a parrot rescue/sanctuary, KNOW what you’re getting yourself into before you take on the work that comes with loving and homing a parrot.
Parrots are a LIFETIME commitment. They can live up to 80+ years!!
I’ve given up many many things to give my two parrots the best life they can possibly have! (Night out, gone on weekends, vacation time, a clean quiet house, extra money.. Etc.)
But to me it’s all worth it, my parrots are my family and I love them like my children!
Please DO YOUR RESEARCH before adopting.
After all, we have our friends, our jobs, and our hobbies…
They only have us💗❗️❗️

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  1. You should see what Gotcha would do with a fidget spinner LOL

  2. Hey! I got a question, my mom locked my parrot in his cage. And now hes biting his feathers! I don't know What to do 🙁 I tried letting Him out, and If i try he bites me.. Do you have a tip so me and my parrot can have a strong bond again? And one that stops Him from biting his feathers of? If you do… Please say it! 🙁

  3. have you ever done a video about how to get your parrot in a harness? I have a deep connection with my parrot and we understand each other. but I have never been good at learning him tricks, maybe because the process is hideous. Is there a way to get him in one without clicker trainer and stuff like that? it feels unnatural to do it like that.

  4. Haha… Gotcha! You're not naughty gotcha, with your sweet voice and your cute sideway run mommy can never get angry with you. 😙😙😙

  5. I really want to get a bird

    Can you tell me the best bird for beginners?

    I know birds live long but that's okay with me, I have problems of being alone so a bird would be great company for when I move to my own place

  6. Love Gotcha, making his own videos with camera on the floor now so talented. Birds have a naxk of being dangerous brian stunt men dont they. Mine keep sitting on the tv, or makimg oit wit a silver plate on top shelf. Boys eh!

  7. I miss talking Gotcha 🐦 every new videos always brighter my day 🙌

  8. Gotcha in the background showing who's the boss of the house >:D


  9. how do you teach him not to poop on the floor???? i want to teach my bird he always poops on the floor when hes roaming around !!!! 😟

  10. "Gotcha is being cute but he's also naughty, and for that reason I'm out"- Barbara Corcoran

  11. how do u stop gotcha from pooping on the floor when he is out