Hilarious talking parrot compilation

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  1. XD the first one and the " what would u do for a i work out" got me so bad i fell out of my chair XD XD XD

  2. OMG!! HAHAHAHAHA I love your bird so flipping much!!
    "Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle I work out" ???? made my whole week 

  3. Das arme Tier. Der Graupapagei benötigt unbedingt einen Sozialpartner. Nur durch die Vereinsamung und der Einzelhaltung hat er sprechen gelernt. Das ist wirklich sehr sehr schlimm! Armes Tier.

  4. Stretching for a cookie xD how adorable. Sweet bird ????❤️

  5. What would ya daooooooaoooo.. wiggle wiggle wiggle I work out!

  6. My favorite was the African grey: "I like Starbucks… Frappachino!!!"

  7. awe….this video has made my day as i just love those talking exotic birds…thank you for sharing this…:-)

  8. Thank you for sharing. So precious! People don't realize how fun parrots are. this has me smiling. I loved the poop part, potty trained parrot? Mine was he always let us know when he had to poop and rarely had accidents

  9. Omg how adorable! Made me chuckle and go Awww all the way through. Love the way said  Love you Mummy, stretch and squeaky toy and bless when he fell over in his sleep! Life cannot be dull having this beauty about!

  10. My old aunt had an African Grey parrot like this and it used to have us crying with laughter. Absolutely the best mimickers around. When we used to leave, we'd all shout, "Bye bye, Peter" to which the parrot would reply, in my Uncle George's gruff voice, "Ta-ra love."

  11. Bout died laughing when the parrot was singing the "im sexy and i know it" song.