How I check the quality of my product line

I made some improvements to the NU Perch Tree base so I had to perform some quality control tests to be certain it is rugged enough to withstand shipping. I offer my impression of the delivery guy to give it a good testing of the worst the package will be subject to. After tossing, dropping, kicking, and smacking I opened up the box to find a tree base good as new. And this was without the additional packaging and cushioning that is normally included. I gotta go do some more testing but just wanted to share this bit of my testing regiment.

You can be sure that if you order a Parrot Wizard NU Perch Tree, it will survive the brutal shipping. Now surviving the destructive nature of your psittacine dinosaur, that you will have to find out for yourself!

My complete line of Parrot Wizard NU Perch Trees for all sizes of Parrots.

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  1. Parrot wizard how to make a parrot not to bite us , I am having an Alexanderine parakeet

  2. Could u make some toys or recommend some that can withstand the destructive power of my 2 dinos(green wing macaw, cockatoo) at least for like a month or 2

  3. Parrot wizard what should people do if they're birds have eye disease ?

  4. First, I think the delivery dude looks freakishly similar to the Parrot Wizard. Secondly, I feel he was a little to gentle with the handling of this package compared to what I've witnessed.🤣