How to bathe a Sun Conure

Someone asked me the other day how I gave my birds a bath. Since my birds a spoiled rotten, this is how I do it!

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  1. trying to see how you have your cage set up….I have one like that what do you have in the bottom of the play area? she came in  a huge cage, she is 11 months and I am not doing well with her, trying to spoil but she seems to not want to bond with me. I wish mine was like your il baby dang…..I offer water but she wants nothing to do with it, she gets wet in her water dish I will have to try this and maybe change out to smaller cage argghhhh so many decisions, they say they don't like changes is why I kept the BIG cage she came in, mine is from I had a quaker parrot and did not get rid of the cage, he passed away 🙁 so husband just (bought) adopted me this pineapple conure. okay enough of my rambling any ideas for me here is my email

  2. VERY cute ..I have a new Sun..Tried him in the shower with me..stuck a plunger to the wall..who couldn't spoil a conure! ( ;

  3. What a cute bird! ^_^; I need to bathe mine as well soon, I'll make a video of his first shower. =)

  4. wish my Sun Conure would take a bath like that… I have to spry him and he still hates getting wet… stinky little terd he is.