How to build a comfortable cage set up for small parrots

First: I don’t like the word “CAGE” – it sounds ugly and heartless for me. Therefore I tried to give my birds a natural home – a “villa rusticana” :-))) I arranged the cage in this way because my eldest Linnie Moritz was suffering from arthritis. Now he could reach everything by climbing, what was much more comfortable for him than to fly for a short distance and to have a hard landing. February 2010 Moritz died in the age of twelve. I did not change the decoration, because all my birds love their “villa rusticana” very much. They enjoy the corky plates and the plants, they like to climb, gnaw and nibble – what is a very good activity. Because of my experience I think it is a good decision, if all bird holders build an animal-fair bird cage for their pet birds. How does it work? Please do it without plastics! Parrots and parakeets prefer to climb and gnaw, please use only natural materials such as cork and wood to protect their feets. Wooden branches and perches, plates and caves of cork and some innocuous plants – it’s so easy to “upgrade” a cage to a home! Try it! Your birds will love it too! Good luck! ———————————————————————————————- Many thanks to my beautiful actors Sammy (*2001) & Charlie (*2005) Directed 2010 in Germany by Monika, the Linnie-Mum

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  1. hi
    can you make videos, explaining how you make your bird house step by step?
    (explaning how you make that trees, etc…), my parents buy a litel agaponis and i dont now how to make a confortably bird house. (sorry my bad inglish).

  2. Omg That is an amazing enclosure!!! Wow xD I feel bad for my little Akuto living in his “ranch styled enclosure” its so small :C where did you get your cage and how much was it?

  3. Thanks! It’s a lot to do to clean this birdhome … I’m still waiting for the moment my birds start using the toilet paper 😉

  4. I love this cage! It’s such an amazing home for them.
    It’s so clean and tidy !(:

  5. JAJAJAJA! at 0:22 your bird is looking at the camera like saying “Why are you doing?” “Are you recording us”?. JAJAJA toilet paper? (0:32). I like the “hommy house” but they don’t have space to fly, I suppose you take them out.

  6. Thank you! I’m planning on getting a linnie and making my own cage. This helped me a lot with decorating 🙂

  7. It’s… It’s the most beautiful cage ive ever seen! I just bought my bird today, and I got her a cage, but I only have three toys and 4 perches and non-fancy food bowls but yours WOW its like heaven! Who cares if there is no room! Theres no reason to fly in cages anyway, 🙂 By the way I named mine Cleo 🙂

  8. I have a year old Parkakeet, I don’t clip him and can’t imagine doing so. It’s wonderfully satisfying when your bird choses to come to you, it a delight. I’m glad you’ve chosen not to clip your birds wings, it’s sad people feel the need to do it.  In the end my bird has free reign of the house when I’m home the cage door is always open and choses to spend most of his time inside his cage. He loves home! He comes out to interact with me and my dog, go for flights and now showers at the sink!

  9. Where did you get your cage and cork? I cannot find anything like that.

  10. lovely cage! its beautiful. is the cage design good for any bird breeds? i will get an indian ringneck in a few months and i would like my birds cage to look like that! Tnx.

  11. We just got our first lovebird…a lonely and un-paired PeachFace at the pet-store. I didn’t know much about Lovebirds at the time (still don’t) only that they’re very affectionate and require a lot of commitment and time. I’ve been reading and watching like crazy. However, I didn’t need to read or watch anything to decide that I’d never clip this animal. Like breaking the ankles of your dog to prevent it running away, I think…I’d rather take the small risk of flight..that he’ll come to me.

  12. Very nice birdie paradise! Anyone who votes thumbs down is just being cruel. Thank you so much for sharing! You’ve given us many great ideas! Which foods do you recommend? I will send you some vids of the choices we’ve made so far….cheers.

  13. This is such a beautiful set up. I’m glad you let your birds fly lots and don’t clip their wings 🙂

  14. Love the Toilet paper idea lol. I have a Single female Fichers lovebird (her mate died) and i’m downsizing her cage. Cause really the cage she’s in is big enough for an African grey parrot! To big for one small bird. I love your ‘All natural’ idea though. Fantastic

  15. Exactly. Their cage is a home … not a room to fly. My birds get their daily flight time OUTSIDE their cage 🙂 Please take a look to my other videos. I’m strictly against wing clipping!

  16. Oh … I thought, the description is detailed enough. What are your questions?

  17. hello there! 😉 i like your villa rusticana and your parrots! 😀 but do parrots make noise at night? because i want a parrot in my room..
    please answer.. 🙂

  18. Please excuse my fault. This was an error of translation. The beechwood bedding (with no additives!) is hygienic and not anti-bacterial. I would never bring my birds in danger … Thanks, Monika :-)))

  19. By ‘substrate’ you mean the beech bedding / pieces at the bottom right? How is it ‘antibacterial’? Wouldn’t it have to be chemially treated to avoid fungus and bacteria and insects? I know that treated wood is not safe for birds. How are these pieces different without harming the birds if potentially ingested?

  20. First second I saw this…. I went… WOW. First of all, what are the dimensions of your cage–*ahem* villa rustanica? 😀 This is AMAZING. My Louie has all natural perches going different directions… but where did you get that hazelnut wood? I’ve been desperately looking for knobby, twisty wood, but have had no luck. Also, where do you get the cork? And what exactly is that’cat grass’? And that weird big plant in the middle inside…? …”Golliwoog”?

  21. awesome cage! It looks like so much fun for a bird. Only thing I don’t like is the bedding, I prefer newspaper, paper towel, or bird cage liner(looks like paper towel). that way everyday I can see my galahs droppings and make sure they look normal.

  22. Thanks a lot for your compliment! Please excuse my late answer. I got the little green containers from a friend of mine. She visited her familiy in Japan and sent them to me as a gift. I hope this helps …

  23. I love your set up. It’s brilliant, especially for a disabled bird.

    Small question. I’ve been trying to find some small containers for keeping herbs fresh for longer that can hang off my cage bars (with water like the green one you have for the basil), but I can’t find them anywhere. Any ideas where I might search?

  24. No problem, I deleted the uncomplete sentence 🙂
    Ha ha, I hope, that they really love me … at Christmas they got a new and larger bird home (XXL-Villa rusticana). Of course their wings are not clipped! They enjoy their daily flight time in our living room and it’s a pleasure to see them happy and healthy. Thanks for watching, Monika

  25. Thanks a lot for your comment! Plants can cause aspergillosis, when too much is poured and the earth is moldy. I check the plants every day and pour just as much as necessary. At best it is to fill the water in the pot and not directly to the plant.
    Many greetings from Germany and all the luck for you! Monika

  26. Yes, there’s a lot to do 😉 but my birds are worthy. It is easy to collect the droppings from the bottom daily, and once a week I replace the substrate completely. It is not very expensive, I get 15 kg for 12 Euro in a internet petshop, they are very friendly to deliver it up to the 3th floor ;-). The substrate is dusty-free and antibacterial, that’s very important because my birds like to dig the ground (pls take a look to my playlist “Linnie ABC” which will be continued) Greetings! Monika

  27. Love this cage setup but how do you clean the droppings from the substrate on the bottom? Do you have to throw it away and replace it weekly? Do you get through a lot? How do you use it?

  28. I just learned the other day that houseplants can cause aspergillosis in our birds, in our homes. If you join avian avenue, or just read as a guest, you may see the thread. I took mine out..cannot risk it. It looks great though.