How to Care For a Green Cheek Conure

My boy Cody and I teach you about green cheek conures. From feeding, caging, socialization and more!

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  1. About 5 years ago friends of the family got a baby Green cheek, named Echo. They had to live with us for a few weeks and that bird was litteraly my best friend. She got along with me more then her owners! I was always socializing with her at every chance possible. Unfortunetly when she moved to her house, the family cat killed her 🙁 I have had budgies for all of my life and when my current ones pass on I’ll get a green cheek conure.

  2. Firstly.. Wow, you’re very bird wise! Most bird people don’t know rope or mirrors are bad!! And I wanted to ask.. Do cockatiels and Conures generally get along okay? I’ve seen them get along well in videos but you seem like you definitely know what you’re talking about! 🙂 I have a cockatiel atm but i would like to get a conure as well

  3. Yeah, unfortunately they aren’t very knowledgeable about what they sell. They give out incorrect/harmful information all the time (those care pamphlets are a nightmare). I would find a good parrot forum to join and learn through experienced parrot owners. They should also send you to some good care sites (there’s a lot of misinformation online too, it helps to know what’s good/safe). Let me know if you have anymore questions. 🙂

  4. Thanks
    I’m trying to piece together information, but the only place that I can find information on birds all in one place is places like petsmart, and judging by my experience with their fish (I’m an avid fishkeeper, I’m trying to branch out a bit.), That’s probably not the best place to be getting my information.

  5. Parrots and doves/canaries are completely different families of birds, so no, they are not safe to keep together. Not only do they have completely different dietary requirements, but parrots are also very strong and could very easily kill a dove or canary. They also have completely different communication systems and will be very nervous/unpredictable around each other. It’s definitely something I would not recommend at all.

  6. Hi, Ive never kept birds before, but I was wondering- can I keep a diamond dove and a conure, and possibly a canary In the same cage together?

  7. That would be totally fine, in my opinion, if she has a large cage with a lot of toys to interact with (especially foraging toys) while your gone. Just keep her on a schedule so she learns what to expect. Inconsistency can cause birds to act out and scream. Trust me… I’ve made this mistake myself.

  8. Hi, i have owned a lovebird before, so do you think a green cheek would be a good choice? I really like them but il be gone at school for about 7 hours a day. Other than that, i could give her all the attention she needs. -thanks

  9. Green cheeks are famous for being nippy parrots. Is he biting to draw blood, or just being nippy?

  10. my green cheeked concure is always biting me. I have him for over 3 years now but he didnt stop. my dad wants to give him away but i dont want to! help please

  11. Hi im trying to find a green cheek breeder in my area… I bought two dimond doves from pet smart and loved both of them, but the female one had a injured foot, they both ended up dieing because they were in bad helth and i didnt feel like taking them back just so they could sell them again sick… I want to get a bird like this but want to know how to take care of it best and if posible find a suitable breeder… any place or website you know of?

  12. good video 🙂 you covered a lot of info! and i just got my green cheek today

  13. Sorry, the fact that petsmart even supports bird mills by ordering from them is disgusting. It doesn’t make it better that you ‘treat the birds’ once they arrive to your store. That’s not fixing the problem, only encouraging it (encourages them to produce more). And regardless, petsmart overcharges like crazy. That alone makes it not worth it to get a bird there. A reputable breeder will also give you a health guarantee without slapping on a huge price tag. And the birds aren’t from a mill…

  14. in response to everyone bashing petsmart…ive been a manager there for over 6 years and you’re right the birds most likely arent in the best condition before the come to the store, but a vet does look over them and check for diseases and parasites before they are sent and the conure must be sent with paperwork and hatch certificate confirming it. and green cheeks are about 300 here, WITH a guarantee. idk about stores by you, but we take super good care of our conures =). spoil em rotten!

  15. lol wish i saw this before lol just bought a GCC from pet smart got it for 300 7 months old and shes pretty good

  16. I saw a beautiful sun conure at petsmart poor baby was sooo scared (He was 4mths old).
    I wanted to get him out of there but they are so expensive.

  17. I got mine from Petco for $199 with a 15 day health guarantee. I also Iooked up the facility she was bred in (They give all that info along with hatch date ect. although the could put up fake pictues who knows) Maybe I got lucky with my box store GCC But ya I know what you mean, they could usually care less about the animals 90% of the time I’m sure. Anyways nice vid! 🙂

  18. No more than you and I eating another mammal. It’s only cannibalism if it’s the same species. 😉

  19. If you purchase a hand fed baby it should be pretty fine. I got mine 3 weeks ago, a 3 month old. When I first got him he would bite the ever living crap out of me, breaking my skin and everything, couldn’t even get him to step up. After 1 week of hand feeding him, letting him know my hands were no threat I finally got him to step up, 2 weeks later I’m petting him, holding him, etc.

    They LOVE to bite but not hard, just soft bites 99% of the time, remember the main reason birds bite is fear!

  20. Hi, i am thinking about getting a GCC. i had a cockatiel before. The only thing that is stopping me from getting a GCC is the nippiness. I really want a GGC so Any advice ? IS there nipping really bad?

  21. A GCC or a Mustache Parrot ? whoz is more apartment friendly ?

  22. Im not saying I will get it from there (Also, most around here are 200) Our petcos are different. Some people talk about how there petcos have tiny cages and never even give them attention but mine does.
    If they are so bad how are the GCCs so tame? They spend a lot of time with them.

  23. and I am not trying to start a fight I have been breeding reptiles for 14 years and started in to breeding birds about 3 years ago. You can hit me up on facebook and I can get you connected to people that have GCC babies and other birds for sale right now if you want my email is easiest way to find me on facebook.

  24. well I can quarentee you they don’t I am a breeder and every petco and petsmart I have talked with and attempted to sell to have told me as well as some of my breeder friends they don’t buy from breeders the company buys from another company and they do some of the breeding themselves. if its a price thing buy from a breeder it will be a ton cheaper I paid 95 bucks each on my pineapple and yellow side pair that I bought about two weeks ago.

  25. :/ Well I think MOST are.
    Well my mom knows the lady that works there and she said they had some local breeders.
    Also they are completely tame.

  26. yeah they are they mass produce animals to bring down there cost on them. Basically there “Breeders” live half of there life expectancy.

  27. petco and petsmart do not buy from breeders. They buy from other companies if you are on facebook you can join a group called Exotic Birds for sale united states lots of breeders and good info on there.

  28. That is not always right though. My Petco handfeeds theres and im pretty sure some come from breeders around. The green cheeks are usually about 270.
    The conures at my petco are really tame 🙂

  29. Thank you so much for the great video …. 🙂 I am interested in getting one for my next pet bird was recommended to get one by my former avain vet 🙂

  30. thanks i found this to be very informative
    I have 1 question though,what exactly are good fruits that a conure would enjoy?
    i am going to like and faverate this video to look back at it for reference

  31. That’s great! I do have to say though, a pet store bird may take a little time to get lovey and snuggly ..but it can be done with persistence and patience, I can vouch for that. Green cheeks have so much personality! I’m sure whatever you will make any bird in need of a home very happy! 🙂

  32. I am so tempted to get a bird from the pet store! They look so healthy and my petsmart loves their pets! Trust me though if there were smaller birds for adoption close to where I live I would defiantly get one! I do have one bird and I adore her! I got her from the breeder and I want to get one from her again.

  33. Also, the Teske’s pet store we have here gets theirs from local breeders and does not outrageously over price their birds..and some pet stores do treat their birds very well, I can vouch for the petsmart here, my daughter took care of the birds there so I know their routine..and Teske’s also is pretty good, but i can’t say the same for petco at all.

  34. yeah, pionus parrots… all the way! They are very gentle quiet birds. I never have to cover up my pionus parrot or close her up in her cage, and she never bites. Green cheeks are cute and cuddly and worth it if you have the time to give them interaction, but as far as noise if that is your concern, get a pionus, but all birds need time and care and a little know how. Pionus are a little hard to find is one problem.

  35. Hey….I’m going to get a green cheek conure and i can’t wait…the thing is my mom and i have allergies. Do green cheeks give off dust or dander like other birds, cos i heard they don’t!