How to put your bird back in the cage !

Last time we did a video on how to take your bird out of the cage and we promised you that this time we will show you how to take your birds back into the cage !. Here is the technique.

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How do you get your bird to go in its cage? .

Look at the situation from your bird‘s point of view.

You really have to make it worth it to them if you want them to go inside without a fuss. Imagine it was you being locked up… wouldn’t you fight to stay out if being inside your cage meant no more attention, no more playtime, no more fun?

The most important thing you need to do (regardless of whether you have trouble getting your bird to go back inside) is to make sure the cage is a fun and safe place.

) Reinforce random step-ups. I give them a treat for stepping up and then put them back down. I do this repeatedly throughout the day. The purpose is to pair step-ups with treats (reward) and show them that a step-up doesn’t necessarily interrupt whatever they were doing before. If they get to step right back off, it costs them nothing and they even get a treat. Only rarely does “step up” equal going inside the cage.

2) Have them go inside and then let them come back out a few seconds later. This teaches them that going inside doesn’t mean that the fun ends right away. Neither does going in the cage mean that I’m leaving. I think a lot of birds don’t like going inside because they know it means their person is leaving them for the next few hours, so I make sure they get a bit of inside the cage time when I’m sitting right there next to them, still paying attention to them. That way inside-time doesn’t equal me being gone or them not getting any attention.

3) Put a very special treat inside their cage that they ONLY get when it’s time to go inside. Sometimes they can come back out when they’re done, but they only get to eat it inside their cage. Nutriberries work like magic in our house. In fact, 99% of the time, if you put the treat in their cage and they run inside by themselves. I don’t even have to put them inside; You only have to close the door behind them. Being inside the cage might not be the best thing ever, but neither is it a terrible thing since they get to associate it with a very special treat.

To sum up , have the cage filled with newer treats, newer toys and a variety each time they go back in !

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  1. Wonderful video and article, I love them both. Thank you to you and your team for working so hard for all of us, your fans.

  2. Your videos helped me alot. Chilly (my new budgie) has made huge progress comfort level wise. To that I tip my hat to you sir!

  3. You can check Unflexal to learn more about training your body.

  4. Parrot Whisperer, is it possible for a female budgie to talk? And i handfeeded everyday, please help me hot to tame her. Thank u

  5. but please help me i always put 1 bird in the cage i hold it in my hand and put it in and the second one follows it so the first one stopped trusting me and is scared of me and won't come near me how do i get him to trust me again iv done everything btw they are rose lovebirds

  6. by love bird is really play fun and fun actually they are two one bites me and one doesn't but i sos scared of me how do i get them in the cage

  7. hi my Indian my Indian ringneck I scared of me. you for you it's ok because your birds don't fly away. but mine does . and I am really sad because I got it for my birthday and It won't to listen to me. so please parrot whisperer can you make a good video or tell me some video links. thank you your the best.

  8. Bird Tameness please I need you to make vids about budgies I'm going to own one and I need to learn.:3

  9. Help! I have 2 budgies, untrained, and babies. I got them about 4-5 months ago. One of them gets terrified if I put my hand in. The other, slightly nervous, is open to my hand going in the cage. However, when I put my hand in, the scared one tempts the nervous one to run and be afraid. I can't get either out, I watched many videos but still can't seem to do it. Since they are babies, the lady that sold me the birds said that because they are babies, their gender is unidentifiable. Please help +Parrot Whisperer, I don't know what to do for them!

  10. I have a question.
    Is it good to adopt a bird.
    I here people all the time saying "Don't adopt a bird, they deserve to be set free!" but if I get a bird I'm most likely going to do what my dad done in his childhood. Keep it in the most popular area of the house (the kitchen), and leave its cage door open so it can fly, and then play with it. Isn't that better than being kept in a cage in the pet store? I heard someone say "If you want to help the bird you should buy it and set it free" I thought that was stupid. Why would I get a bird that spent most of its life with humans, and let it go into the wild. It would surely die, right? So is it a good thing to adopt a bird?

  11. Thank you! Helped alot. It was a bit harder though because I have 2 birds and 1 was in the cage and 1 was out of the cage.

  12. i dont get it you just shoved your bird back into the cage just how u said you shouldnt lol bad video but i like your others

  13. i have a lovebird that is a baby and trying to get him to step up but his just to scared of my hand can u please give me some advise

  14. hello parrot whisperer I have got an Indian Ring necked parrot it is flying away from me and hurting himself plzz help me

  15. hello parrot whisperer how can we put our birds back in the cage if there untamed please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You

  16. When is the right time to try to let them out of their cages..I have a pair of parakeets.its been 2 weeks and they still are pretty scared..they scare away when i come near the cage…and panic if i try to hand feed them…………….Im thinking of letting them out of their cage but what if they refuse to go in

  17. Hi there, how are you doing? I have an indian redneck 3 months old, which is quite obedient. Is it necessary to put in a cage? What are the pros and cons of a grooming it in a cage, I am pretty naive when it comes to grooming parrots but i believe whatever i do its best to start at an early age. Any suggestions.

  18. You call youself Parrot Whisperer. that cage is too small for this birds.

  19. I felt like a monster today, all the treats I used would not work and I knew better not to chase him cause they will feel hunted but I had no choice! I managed to catch him in mid air but I felt the worst! not only could I have hurt him I made him very scared just when they were getting comfortable with me too! ;-;

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