How to Stop you cockatiel from being scared!

Bird tameness’ is back again!. Today with our official personal trainer hani. We will be studying birds’ behaviour and unwanted signs. Not only that but slso we will tell u exactly how to solve several behavioral problems including biting, screaming, how to be gentle with your bird and how to make your bird like you. This indeed will help develop bonding with your parrot and understand depply what they like and dislike. We hope this helps

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  1. HAHAHHAA. how ironic. When you popped onto the screen and said "hey there!" it scared my cockatiel and he flew to his cage. i can't stop laughing.

  2. hey man i like your vids very much but they dont help me since there is no guide how to deal with a really aggressive one, my cockatiel fly to the other side of the room everytime i approach him, bites me and cant even climb on my hand, how can I deal with him?

  3. how you pronounce Galah was really irritating. it is pronounced more like (gah – lar).. the "ah" is stretched out more (I'm Australian, those birds are native here, there's massive flocks of them everywhere).

    Other than that, not too bad.

  4. hey hani pls can u answer my question and make a video on it if u know. how to know the gender of cocataiels?

  5. I've had my Cockatiel for a year now. In the last 2 weeks, it has stopped coming out of its cage for cuddles & millet. Now it bites me, I don't understand, what I've done wrong? Or how to get things back the way the way they where. I had, a friend stay for a week, but when he was here, I could still give cuddles, & 'bring out of cage' Now, my bird draws blood as soon as I try & get my hand with millet in it to close ? Please, if any1 can help.

  6. omg is so funny Cody fly two time on the camera like he wants to turn it off "giggles" :3

  7. wanted to say something else but.. i had a cocktail addicted to a mirror. o-o;

  8. Excellent videos dude, I have a had a few Budgies and have one now – easy to tame, but I'm getting a rescue Cockatiel in (I don't know the type, will likely be in a rotten mood, but do know he's its male and I know his name) – between this and all the other advice videos I've got it all down now (diet, taming etc.). Will keep them in separate cages with different fly times until he's tamed as possible, even then then they can have their own cages (due to different diets) but can play together, in time (with observation).. Thank you!

  9. When a cockatiel raises its "Mohawk" it also means that they are interested in something.

  10. someone please help me!! I have a 2 year old cockatiel and his scared of everyone! I try to teach him to step up on to my finger but he just goes away from my hand, he never bites and I had him for 3 month. Everyday I talk to him and put my hand into the cage so he could get used to it but his still scared, PLS HELP

  11. I just love learning from you! You are an amazing bird whisperer!!

  12. i have two one male and one female the girl is friendly but the boy tries to bite my dam hand off.i feel like chocking him hes always raping the girl to

  13. YES!!!! That means I'm bonded with my cockatiel. Every time I come home from school my cockatiel starts screeching with his cartridge all the way up, then when I pet him he is relaxed.

  14. How come ur birds don't fly away if it's my cockatiel it will just fly 

  15. Here's my issue, I've had mine for about six weeks now and he won't even go near my hand, if I put it in the cage, he'll hiss and fly to the other side, his crest is constantly when anyone is near him and he's been exposed to humans CONSTANTLY since I got him. Beginning to think he'll never be tamed and always be scared :/

  16. My bird always trusted me but now it hates me I don't know what i did wrong

  17. Hey! I have 2 Parakeets they are 5 months old and I have had them for 3 months. They do love me and play with me and come out of the cage, but they never let me pet them. They will only sit on my hand and if I try to pet them, they either get of my hand or try and get out of reach of my finger. Please Help!

  18. Hi whenever I take my new cockatiel out of its cage to try and tame him he flies away in the room so this prevents me from trying to bond and tame him because I can't take him out of his cage without him flying away and it's very hard to get him back. I can't tame him the way you do with them sitting on a perch. If u could plz reply and help me it would be very much appreciated 🙂 thanks :)

  19. i have to say brvo my good freind i am trying this with my birds

  20. You SAY she is UNTAMED yet she is out of the cage and is stepping up. That is somewhat tamed. Do you have any procedures for tameness from cage to T-stand?