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Okay. In this video, we’re going to go over how to take a parrot out of its cage and how to put it back. So, go ahead and show her the target stick through the cage bars and let her come over and touch the stick. As soon as she does, you can click on that. Good. Good bird. And then you can give her that sunflower seed. Very good. So, we’re just reminding her that she’s going to be following the target stick and going where we point.

So, now we’re going to go ahead and pop the door open and teach the parrot to step up onto a hand to come out of the cage. Okay. So approach with that hand and the target stick. We’re just going back to what we’ve been doing. And you have the parrot target onto the hand so it can touch the stick. Okay. And give the treat. That’s very good. You can put the parrot up on top of the cage for now. Good bird.

So, for putting the parrot back in, we’re going to do just the exact opposite. You’re going to have the parrot targeted to step up onto your finger and then you’re going to target her back off onto inside the cage. So, don’t give her the treat when she steps up. Have her target on and go back inside the cage. Target her so she has to step off of your hand to get inside the cage. Then you can give her the treat.

That way, she’s being rewarded for going into the cage, not only for stepping up. So, go ahead and target her off. Okay. That’s good. Now lead her in. You don’t have to let her touch the stick. She’s just following it. Now you’re going to target her to go into the cage. That’s good. And target her to have to step inside. That’s very good. And give her the treat. Excellent.

As we progress, we’re just going to use the target stick as a reminder and then eventually phase it out altogether. So, this time I want you to hold the target stick in your hand and let her know you have it, but don’t actually direct her with it. Have her focus more on stepping up onto your hand and the target stick’s there just as a reminder.

Eventually, you won’t even have to use the target stick at all to have your parrot step up and go in the cage for you. So, just go ahead and bring your hand up to have her step up. That’s good. And then, you can put her in the cage and then you’ll give her the treat. And just give her the treat for stepping in. That’s great. And we can close the door and the bird’s now back in the cage.

Keep in mind, folks, that when you have your parrot go back in the cage, you want to make it a rewarding experience. Being outside the cage is a lot of fun, there’s a lot of treats involved. There’s good things going on when the bird’s outside the cage. One of the best ways to motivate your parrot to go back into the cage is not just a treat, but to feed the parrot its entire meal.

When you put your parrot in the cage and it gets its meal after its training session, that’s a big reward in and of itself. By scheduling the meals to happen right after training sessions, your parrot will always be eager to go back in its cage to receive its meal. So, that’s how you teach your parrot to come in and out of its cage.

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  1. i read sunflower seeds are not a healthy treat? is this true?

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