How to Train a Parrot : How to Begin a Training Session with Parrots

Parrot lover shows how to begin a training session with parrots, and gives tips like starting and ending training sessions with treats and a positive environment, in this free pet care video about training parrots. Expert: Elizabeth Cantu Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation. Filmmaker: julio costilla

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  1. hey, Nice video Ammm I have a question I bought a australian parrot. He is too much afraid of me. I never let him out of his cage. Should I let him out in a room. Im afraid if He flies away on the fan!!!

  2. Hello Elizabeth. thank you for sharing with us very informative videos! they’re awesome! I wanted to ask an expert like yourself…i own an african grey parrot myself and i’ve had him for 3 and a half years…every time i put hand in the cage he runs to bite aggressively! what can i do to fix that and make him more friendly when i try to pet him?

  3. You know, I love these videos there very helpful, but i go crazy every time I hear her say um!

  4. What if my parrot (indian ringneck 9 month old) wont take a treat from me? i have tried (millet and seeded honey bell, fruit etc) he is just petrified ive had him 5 days ive been very patient with him not tried to be pushy but he still hides at the back of the cage if i put my hand near the cage i’m trying power pause method at the moment but he still doesnt trust me i feel ive tried everything. I dont think he was hand fed. and he hasnt even made a tweet he just grinds beak, tucks in foot

  5. I love it how I feed my bird n she drops her food from her mouth n juz stare at me so innocently. Same thing for this bird

  6. have you had a negative experience from hand-feeding your bird? Most parrots, especially African Greys. You should try re-build the positive reeinforcement so that your bird can have the trust where you will be able to feed it from your hand. Firstly you will want to start off with getting your bird to allow you to touch it. Since the trust of touch hasn’t been established here, you will have to use ( or try giving him/her a treat) vocal encouragement so it will know it has done

  7. i would give my dird a treat but she doesnt like to eat out of my hand and she doesnt seem to like a food sooo much that it could be used as a treat

  8. i think that bird convenced this bitch to say so much crap about the sugar gliders haaaa haaa got brain washed by a parrot smarter than her

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  10. yes you are totally right. i feel sorry for some of the birds being returned to those animal shelters.

  11. I just got one and its baby,, how long it take to learn something?

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  13. Be patient and spoil the guy with food he likes and don’t leave him while your frustrated. I’m new to this biz too! Just saw what I said in another vid.

  14. African Grey parrots are very intelligent and complex birds, if you just leave them to do sweet fa all day, they get bored and frustrated. Training them is enrichment and fun for all, it keeps them busy and also makes life easier for both the parrot and the owner.

  15. I Can not get my bird to respond to any training. I rescued him from two lazy bird breeders(who shouldn’t have pets). He stopped breeding so they left him in a cage alone away from everything. When I first got him he was missing all of his chest feathers and wouldn’t let me near his cage without flipping out. He’s more peaceful now and will let me take him out for a min. or so, but then starts yelling at jumps away to get to his cage. I’m starting to think it’s hopeless to train, or maybe its me

  16. Please don’t buy a parrot, especially a large one like a Grey or a Cockatoo, until you do a LOT of homework online. They require more love and attention than a toddler, for fifty years. If you can’t spend two hours each day actively interacting with it, you really shouldn’t commit to one. They bond for life, and you can’t just return it to the store if you decide later that it’s too loud, messy or needy (which they always are).

  17. i wanna a african grey!!! where can i get one for a low price? or a adoption place?!

  18. Well, if you’re bird is just a plain good old bird all around, he may not need “Correctional Training”. There is MANY different types of training for birds. You can teach them neat tricks, how to pick up their own toys, eat with cutlery, to speak, to fly back to you (what I am currently teaching my Quaker Parrots currently.)etc. Some birds have behavioral issues that need to be corrected. All just depends on the bird, and the owner 🙂

  19. I have an african grey and I just let him be himself. He enjoys being with me and allows me to scratch his head and under his wings. He talks all day. I don’t see a need to train him. what for?

  20. hello i wanted to knw if long grass is ok for the ring neck parrot can u plz tell me

  21. My bird does the same thing. I have a verry rare colored cockatiel and his name is Joey. i got him from my friend who rased him from the DAY he was hatched.

  22. hi i just got a new blue budgie yesterday and its settles into its new home nicely but to be honest all it ever does is swing for a little bit and if he wants me to swing it he looks at me and he also just climbs the cage i would like it to be a bit more fun please help thankyou

  23. It takes time. Just don’t try to force her, don’t yell at her, train her same time same place each day. Once early mornig and once an hour before dark. Patience…it becomes a question of who is training whom.

  24. for my suggestion, if u just got her, then u should give here one week to get use to the environment without any interaction with u. After that, u can try move ur hands close to her each time when trainning. She’ll accept u to touch her gradually. Mine took me two weeks to do that.

  25. i have an african grey n when i give her a treat (with my hand) she jus snatches it and throws it, she doesnt eat it n i have to give it to her like 3 times before she finaly excepts it and eats it

  26. yeah I know  my bird is the same I also needs the same video pls and thankyou

  27. Suns can talk….mine says hello, good morning, come on, bye bye. Look up videos on talking sun conures, I know there’s some here on youtube.

  28. hey i want a african congo does any one no where i can get one in belgium

  29. hey can you make a video at the begining of training like when he has no training yet just got cause my bird i got in Augest and he still bites if you do please comment and tell me