How to Train a Parrot : How to Potty Train a Parrot

Learn how to train parrots to control their body functions in this free pet care video clip about potty training your parrot by using repetitive words and actions. Expert: Elizabeth Cantu Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation. Filmmaker: julio costilla

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  1. my grey only poops outside the cage. He holds it in until she comes out 🙁

  2. That might harm ur bird u should put it in the cage for a couple minutes so it can relieve itself

  3. A good counter-leasure to this is to always let your bird go freely in its cage, it will figure out quickly that going potty freely outside the cage is bad, but that their cage is their place and that they can make a mess if they want to.

  4. what if he gets over trained? i mean he is in the cage and keeps holding it D:

  5. My Parrot Is Great I Have A Rambow Coloured Karate Parrot Did You Have One

  6. My Indian Ringneck has taught himself to not go to the bathroom on me. He will get all fidgety then run off somewhere, I’ll say “You gonna poo?” then he’ll do his business then come back and sit on my shoulder. Though I can’t say he does it for other people =P hahaha! He’s so cute.

  7. I thought that birds just go on the sheet on the cage bottom and you just like change the sheet or clean it up,,,, is that how it works?

  8. try watching them for a while and let them get used to you and observing there traits. Hope this helped!

  9. thats a funny fear for a parrot, mabey you should try using hamster bedding

  10. african greys are not classed as larger birds haha, they are medium sized birds just like amazons, larger birds are cockatoos and macaws mainly 😀 so happy i didnt get a macaw then x

  11. She said in the video that larger birds go every 20 mins or so!

  12. What about african greys? How often do they need to go potty?

  13. i have a green parrot that is scared of paper i dont know what to do anymore

  14. sooooooo… your looking to tame him/her? i made a video on how to tame parakeets. tell me what type of parrot you have and i should be able to help you.

  15. “Bombs away.” Hahahaha. Never heard that one before.  🙂

  16. i used the “in the cage” phrase then when he goes in the cage i say “go potty” and it took about 3 months of consistancy but i still have to watch his manerizms lol

  17. okay soo my bird is 3 months to the latest but hes still not that use to us since we got him few days ago so hes not really hands on friendly . and i am Really tired of cleaning after him when hes out and about and “doing his busniess” everywhere . how can i potty train him if noone can go near him right now

  18. i’ve got cockatiel recently not much of few weeks ago, she wasnt afraid at the pet shop but once she arrived home dad picked her wrong.. and then she started acting crazy/biting hard/flying away till now. but im training her n_n its getting a good progress. Get a hand gloves you know the yellow one so the beak wouldnt break into your skin and try holding the cockatiel/pet them.. you should do that in a small room so you won’t need to run.. it may need weeks :L good luck haha :X

  19. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much, you are so cute, I have two african grey parrots and your videos helped me a lot, thank you again from Egypt 🙂


  21. Hi im meli and ia have 2 cocktails they are like 8 months but they are like wild, bite and like they are afraid of me i don´t know what to do. helppp

  22. this is really helpful! I was wondering about this… like a few minutes ago xD

  23. My budgie lifts it’s tail when it wants to poop. The annoying part is that when it does that the poop is stuck to the feathers and it hates the tissue cleaning it’s butt XD