How to Train a Parrot : How to Teach Parrots to Step On Your Hand

Create a positive experience when teaching a bird to step up on your hand and learn more tips on training parrots in this free pet care video clip. Expert: E…

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  1. Missybird is probably dealing with plucking, probably OCD; Not uncommon in
    many bird species.

  2. @pannamoiz I did not post the video. But… The best advice I can give you
    is to be patient and talk to him like he is a young child, perhaps five
    years old. It will take time, don’t rush it. I think most parrots don’t
    start talking for about a year, and some never do. You can also use the
    model-rival technique, as described by Dr. Irene Pepperberg regarding her
    work with African Grey parrots. I am not sure if she used it for speech.
    Also, join your local parrot club. Good Luck.

  3. How am I even trying to be an expert on birds? You’re being
    passive-aggressive for absolutely no reason. I don’t care if you have a lot
    of experience, like I said any idiot can see that this bird is not in the
    shape it SHOULD be in. The video description says that these people handle
    rescue birds, so a simple conclusion would be that this is probably a bird
    that was maltreated and started plucking, it’s not the woman’s fault. I
    also have a right to comment as much as you do.

  4. My Parrot is Agressive, if i go near him he want to bite and after that, He
    screams. Any help to make him not agressive? Btw he is not scared of me

  5. awwwwwww she/he is talking 2 ya lol cute VERY sweet bird you have! You must
    tame them REALY well!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice too!!!!!!!!!!

  6. omg y its not working??? he hiss and bite and now his nose is all
    swollen!!1 omg help me!!! And also he likes eating paper…

  7. that poor baby! is he still healthy even like that? if someone cause him to
    do that to themselves, i hope they pay for it.

  8. You are definitely the best EV presenter I have seen here on YT. You sound
    like you really know what you are talking about, rather than putting it
    across like a well practised script. I have to ask, how is the U2 coping
    with all those pins coming through? She/he doesn’t seem the ”Yipee! New
    feathers!” type, bless, more the ”Urgh, new feathers? YUK!” type. Seems
    a very content bird with you, but does she have trauma in her past, or just
    pluck for no apparent reason? Still so beautiful tho <3

  9. thank u so much for all of ur concise advice. i appreciate the topics u
    have covered as i adopted an emotionally abused bird that has required a
    lot of patience and understanding. expert village- i am grateful for the
    advice you have to offer. elizabeth- thank u for presenting the information
    in such a direct and educational manner.

  10. Even though Missy bird was missing most feathers on her body, I thought she
    was cute.

  11. i need help! when my bird step up it suddenly gets to my shoulder and try
    to bite my neck and when he is in cage he behaves very well……??? what
    to do ….??? 🙁

  12. what’s wrong with her feather’s she ‘s really cute but i’d like to know

  13. Hi, I hav an amazon bird which only likes me to pet and everytime I am near
    it, it will bend itself down for me to pet but however I am unable to teach
    it to do step up. Is it true that once parrot reach 2 yrs old, it will not
    be able to train ?

  14. what if my parrot is too scared and it freaks out when i put my hand inside
    her cage?

  15. I want to know what is the name of that white parrot (the one without
    feathers). She is so cute

  16. Good Evening This is my first time subscribing! lol. I Love YOUTUBE! i love
    parrots. I just bought a love bird yesterday! hiz name is Crackers!! Cute,
    huh? XD

  17. your ment to be a parrot trainer you congo african grey is in perfect shap
    but your cockatoo has lost aload of fethers its clear your cockatoo is not
    happy otherwise it would still have all its fethers you need to improve
    your training if my amazon looked like that i would know there is somthing

  18. Oh i am sorry im half educated am i my family has breeded and trained
    parrots for 50+ years we were voted the uk’s best parrot breeders and
    trainers 10 years running and you say im half educated hate to dissapoint
    you but ill know more about exotic birds than you ever will in your whole
    sad little life so if i was you id keep that gob of yours shut from now on
    or atleast until you learn a thing or two about parrots

  19. Does this work for all birds? I’m gettting a macaw, and was wondering if it
    would work for him too, or should i use another method? 🙂

  20. @Laurinnha yup, he was never injured people somtimes pluck they’re birds
    JUST to make sure anything is wrong eg: no nits , blood , injuries i
    usually do it with my bird, he doesnt like it, but its just better to just
    have a check every now and then

  21. Is it okay to give a red crowned amazon potato chips? My aunt had to give
    me her bird and I have no experience with birds. He loves the chips. I’ve
    tried other bird treats but he doesn’t seem to like them. He doesn’t really
    care for me. He won’t climb onto my hands or come out of the cage.