How to Train a Parrot : The Don’ts of Training Parrots

Learn what not to do when training a parrot, like changing the environment and having distractions going on while training; learn more parrot training tips in this free pet care video about what not to do when training a parrot. Expert: Elizabeth Cantu Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation. Filmmaker: julio costilla

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  1. hello there i know its stupid question to ask but i got indian ringneck he is about 6 months old now but he still scared of me and also dont come on my hand could you help please

  2. i love your optimistic approach when you say “start and end it on a positive note no matter what” 🙂

  3. the cocky is like harrasing the female african grey i think lol

  4. Cockatoo “Here! Take de cookieaa! 🙂 ”
    Grey “Uh I’m good… :)”
    Grey: “OKAY OKAY! UHHH Heehehe…yeah…”

  5. a cockatoo is peeking in the background. why it is not in the show?

  6. Is that grey in the background even real I dont think it moved once

  7. Wow…. Wow, why did I get an advertisement for Chicken Nuggets from McD’s before watching this video?!

    In fact, why do we even have commercials at all…. this is the internet.

  8. not over …but 50 can like african greys …what parrot do you have ?

  9. Well, I guess they aren’t used to their new environment yet. They should get used to it in a short time. So don’t worry. 🙂

  10. i have seen some videos where parrot its not afraid of other pets like dog….they get along well with each other …try to make them friends 🙂 but i for myself would let them together during night …
    yesterday i just bought 2 cokatiels and im learng eveything about parrots :)) but could you tell me why dont they eat ? i mean it could be the first day and they are shy ? 😕

  11. My parrot can fly. Also th other pets, the cats, are not wild. Only that they go adventurign i nthe night, that’s all, all other times they are just sleeping. But I want to make sure they wouldn’t attack my parrot.

  12. if your parrot can fly they cant eat your parrot but if your animals are “wild” and your parrot is free, they will probabily eat it …my opinion ..

  13.  nO ! only at 70 years ! and your question is right ! 60 years also

  14. I’ve only been researching parrots a short while but form what I’ve read so far apparently some parrots, mostly the bigger macaws can get up to 80 years old.

  15. I’ve got a question. What could possibly happen if I started letting my african grey parrot out more ofhis cage, and at the same time, the cats and the dog would be in the house too? Would they attack my parrot?

  16. Wow, your african grey’s are really trained, my too but my parakeet just sing all the time hehehe

  17. I have a Jenday conure and i am having a very hard time training him. Some one told me it is becuse of my beard. Is this ture or the bird just not comfortable

  18. My African Grey – Max, Likes cheese as a treat … is it ok to use it in moderation for training ? … He’s responded well to touch training and I’ve managed to get his to follow the pointer anywhere in his environment

  19. One of my friend teaches his parrot using a music player, he plays  the intended sound all day long with a music player right next to the bird. Says, its working well.

  20. he has no trust from you! he has to get
    type in bird tricks and wacth the free sample video how to get bird trust!

  21. Hey I need Help , I just bought my african grey 2 days ago and when I go close to him He starts screaming ! and once I just let the cage open he flew and sat in a corner and I went near him but he screams and bites and fly far from me ! , Can anyone help me please ?

  22. I’m soon gonna get a quaker.There great for someone who do not want to get there finger takin off. LOL

  23. what about a conure??? cost less than any other of the larger birds

  24. the bird is like “wtf is going on?” he looks like a guest on a late night talk show.

  25. Clipping a parrots wings is probably the worst thingthat you can do to damage the bird psychologically. I run a very large bird rescue and rehab center in Belize (Google Belize Bird Rescue). fly almost never hurt themselves flying around the room, plus it doesn’t make them easier to train. Most of the parrot injuries we see at the center are from broken breastbones, or snapped off beaks caused by birds falling after being clipped.

  26. plz help me, im thinking about getting a medium sized parrot. But i dont know to many species. So if some one can plz tell me some species of medium not-2-expensive birds PLEASE!!!!! i only own a cockatiel!!!!

  27. k, i know some one with a macaw named harley, he is a blue and gold, and i am trying to train him to be friends with me, and i know almost nothing about macaws….. and so far i am doing good, a few nips here and there. but he accidently got out, 11 days, and 10 nights, and she was thinking bout clipping him, but she decided not to, so far im only on the third day and i got him flying to me, and playing around with my clothing, but he does get a bit carried away sometimes

  28. Yes, it’s easier to train math and science to a kid if you chain them to the desk.

    Please don’t assume that birds are easier to train when clipped. Mine almost never fly away when being trained. If they ever do, they are telling me it’s time to end the session. Clipping should never be used in place of good training.

    Clipping birds is a personal decision — it has no bearing on training.

    Glad you like your birds – Harley is beautiful.