How to Train Parrot Big Eagle Show Wings Trick This video teaches you how to train your parrot to show its wings on cue, often called the big eagle trick. Please read the ar…

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  1. He keeps waving because he thinks that’s what you are saying. Wings sounds similar to wave. 🙂 I’d use EAGLE!

  2. By subscribing to Kiliparrot and following the TrainedParrot blog =)

  3. That’s not shaping when you open their wings for them. That’s modeling. Your website doesn’t seem to be working. 🙁

  4. how would you to teach a bird to repeat what you say and also do wings? because when rio gets older i want him/her to say (on cue) “im an eagle” while doing the wings

  5. I’m gonna teach wings to my parrot but I’m gonna point my hands like guns and instead of saying wings I’m gonna say put your hands were we can see them!!!! Hahahaha than. Would be awsome

  6. My friends bird when i trained it to do this trick it did it for just two days and bit when i keep asking it to do wing and still bits!

    Please respond to this comment

  7. My friend bird did the same trick i trained it to do that but she only did it for two days and bit me when i asked her to do the wings trick and she just keeps biting me!

    Please respond to this comment

  8. Is this breed of parrot is just a mix of some parrot and an eagle?

  9. wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings

  10. i have an african grey and when ever i give him treats he just picks them up and drops them what treats would you recomed that he wont drop ?

  11. @MrBigYortoise it was the video when he went to the park with truman

  12. I never want to hear you say wiiiiiiiiiiings again hahaha, great trick though

  13. I don’t see that happening. If you keep teaching a lot of different tricks and using different methods, the bird learns how to learn. Regardless if it is shaping, targeting, luring, experimenting, etc. Even in the course of teaching a single behavior I may go through a few methods till it “clicks” with the bird. As for recalls, I use variable ratio reinforcement so the clicker continues to act as a conditioned reinforcer even though the behavior is already learned.

  14. By using the cue from the earliest possible time in teaching a new trick, you get a head start on the bird learning that the cue applies to whatever the resulting behavior becomes. Also it differentiates “trick in progress” from previously known tricks/cues. I try to begin showing the cue and saying the verbal command as soon into the training as possible. Believe me, it works.

  15. Why are you adding the cue before you have a shaped behaviour?
    Turning your back/punishing when he’s clearly not understanding what’s wanted yet also seems very contra productive. Why not just ignore it?
    Using negative reinforcement like this (or dropping the bird) can very often result in them not being as interested in the training sessions as they could have been when using only positive reinforcement. He doesn’t seem very eager. 🙂

  16. LOL WOW my son will be PSYCHED to see that you responded 🙂 to him you are a true celebrity..LOL I will be sure to show him ! Thanks AGAIN!!!!!!