How to Train Parrot to Shake Head No Trick This video is about how to teach a parrot to shake its head on cue as though it is saying no. Be sure to check out the article…

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  1. Hey parrot wizard…. When I told you of it was possible to teach a. Duties
    the shake trick I just wanted to let you know that I also own a budgie that
    is blue

  2. How do you keep him with you and not have him flying back to his cage or
    over to kili.

  3. Nice!!, but I have a problem… My parrot ( senegal parrot ) wants to
    attack the click thing 🙁

  4. Ooops, typo, I meant ‘impressed” lol. I’ll check it out, you’re good! I
    like that you taught the bird for the 1st time on video instead of using a
    pre-trained bird.

  5. FABULOUS VIDEO! I’m very impress & it was so helpful. Thank you for this
    video. Subscribed!

  6. Hi, my sun conure doesnt react when i blow on her face? any other way to
    make them shake? thanks

  7. I sell them. Parrot Wizard brand clickers for parrot trick training. You
    can order them from my store which is linked from my channel. Thanks.

  8. My yellow sided green cheek conur knows the clicker if I cluck it in the
    kitchen and he’s in the living room he runs to the kitchen together a treat
    its good cept for petsmart during a training class and he has 9 clockers at

  9. @shayan000 The first time I tried this with Truman it didn’t work. But
    another time I happened upon the right spot and it worked and I was able to
    train this way. Keep trying, but if it definitely won’t work, you can teach
    them to shake by luring/targeting. Target or lure the bird’s head side to
    side and reward. Put it on cue.

  10. Just a question – How long did it take Truman to get the whole
    headshaking-means-treat thing and respond accordingly?

  11. my cockatiel shakes her head when she does not want something. when she
    does want something she just does it. she shakes her head only when she
    does not want to do something.

  12. Hummmm I think I’ll try this. I’ve tried to get mine to wave, but lovebirds
    don’t use their feet much for “hands” and I think he has arthritis so I
    gave up on the wave.

  13. @lilbirdlover He flies off from time to time. I don’t show that in this
    video to save time. Check out one where I show the fly offs. However, they
    are infrequent and mostly he focuses on me. He wants the attention and
    treats so he doesn’t fly away until he gets bored. Once he loses interest,
    there isn’t really any point to keep going cause he’s not gonna try anyway.
    Training a tame flighted parrot is really no big deal. In fact it’s
    probably easier than training a clipped parrot.

  14. How would you introduce the bat trick to the budgie for the first time

  15. Not really. Didn’t work for me when I tried it for one. Check out target,
    turn around, go through tube, and bat tricks instead. Those are easy to
    teach a budgie.

  16. Sounds good, thanks. Please check out my new book about my complete
    approach to keeping well-behaved parrots.

  17. Actually parakeets are pretty smart little birds, and once you understand
    that any parakeet or parrot in that particular matter can learn any trick
    with patience, so don’t go calling parakeets “STUPID” you aren’t God or a
    god of any sort or kind to go calling living things stupid you could even
    train ‘keets target training.

  18. you are the best, iam a big fan from brazil and i will buy all your dvds
    and movies, maybe someday we meet, check out my cockatiel trained. “wave”