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Parrots are naturally really noisy creatures and they can be prone to screaming tendencies. This high-level, audible shrieking is highly undesirable, so it’s important to minimize it to the greatest extent. The first thing you have to realize is that all parrots are going to make noise. They are noisy creatures. You have to accept a certain amount of noise coming from a bird or you can’t get one, because that’s just how they are.

But, here’s the important thing, we want to discourage them from screaming any more than they naturally would. We can’t make them not scream at all completely, because that’s just part of being a bird. But, what we can do is we can try to avoid encouraging them to scream more for our attention and for other reasons. So, the strategy to reducing human-induced screaming is to avoid reinforcing screaming altogether.

So, if your parrot is screaming for your attention, the absolute worst thing you could possibly do is to come over and give the parrot attention or try to do something to get it to stop screaming. Anything and everything you do to try to make your parrot not scream, whether it’s to come over, to yell at it, to give it food, to give it toys, at that point you are rewarding the screaming and only encouraging it to scream more and more whenever it wants those things.

So, the most important thing you can do when your parrot screams is to ignore it. Do not walk over. Do not talk to it. Do not shout back. Do not give it food. Simply by avoiding any reaction to the screaming in the first place, you are most likely to not encourage anymore screaming than that very bare minimum. With time, parrots learn to scream less just because it doesn’t do anything.

They might still have their morning and evening screaming or vocalization sessions where they’ll make some noise. But, if you do not go over and encourage it further, they will not do it all the time. Also, it’s really good to do trick training and flying sessions with your parrot, because when they spend their energy they become quieter and more mellow throughout the day. So, there are some tips for you about reducing screaming in your parrot.

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  1. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to train a parrot to talk try Pycanta Parrot Tips Protocol (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.

  2. Can I cover my birds cage with it's night-time summer blanket?

  3. They never stop screaming unless if you bind the screaming with a negative experience , like starvation , or water spray , if you try the ignore method they just don't care and don't understand what ignore is , they keep screaming.

  4. through your video i can get the knwoledge regarding parrot

  5. mi birds sing on the morning and i like it (dey are smal birds)

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  7. I have this problem all the time. My Parrot will not stop screaming. All day, all night; just screaming. Only screaming.