KorraCam: Camera attached to Pet Parrot captures Amazing footage

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Hold on tight while Roku and Korra take you for a bumpy ride around the reserve 😀

“How to Train your Parrot to Free Fly” for science based free flight training 🙂

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  1. That was really cool!!! we literally got a birds eye view🐦

  2. Talk about a birds eye view.I have a total fear of heights,so watching this was a bit scary but amazing at the same time.

  3. These are some lucky birds! Awesome work guys. Glad I found this channel.

  4. WHOOO HOO!!! Thanks for the ride Korra. That was loads of fun! And, the closest I will get to being in the air. I'm afraid of heights. I will look forward to more flights with you. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. que coisa mais linda, maravilhosa e gostosa de ver…..Deus abençoe