Kukulkan’s First Movie – Singing Panama Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrot Sings and talks. Examples being Old McDonald (Duck only), Tomorrow, Clementine, Heliluia Chorus, Over the Rainbow etc. He also like’s to say he’s Grandpa’s good boy, eventhough he does not see Grandpa that often.

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  1. Our Panama was impressed we have just a few vids of him at the moment, definitely may try a song or too soon.

  2. I just got a baby Panama, he's loving this video! Thanks for posting.

  3. My Mealy Amazon gets a kick out of this video! He will "bark" and twitter along with it, but I can't seem to get him to say anything other than "hello" in English :-p How did you teach your bird all those songs????

  4. It sounds like an insane asylum in there. Great songs and enunciation though. Amazons can sing better than CAGs!

  5. he is so cute you go boy you know how to sing your heart out LOL

  6. i have 2 budgies and there females and im going to get a amazon parrot

  7. kukulkan is amazing! Bravo! It is clear that you've spent a tremendous amount of time with this beautiful and inteligent bird and he's incredibly happy. I keep 5 cockatiels a lovebird and canary. How many cockatiels do you have? I think I can hear one in the background…

  8. Awesome! 😀 Wish my 'toos weren't retarded when it comes to speech. They just babble and screech. I've got a Derbyan who's starting to talk, tho. They're so entertaining!

  9. he or she has an amazing memory, i have tried to teach my parrot 1 song for months and he still only knows part of the words.
    great job! i love when he says ee-i ee-i-oh.