Things to do today:

1. Make Vanilla pudding. Put in mayo jar. Eat in public.
2. Hire two private investigators – get them to follow each other.
3. Run into a store. Ask what year it is. When someone answers yell “It worked!” and
run out cheering.
4. Become a doctor. Change last name to Akula.
5. Change name to Simon. Speak in third person.
6. Buy a parrot. Teach it to say “Help I’ve been turned into a parrot!”

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  1. Free finds !!! … Sweet music to my ears & wallet :). Been tough here too, snow has consumed the NEW coast this year! Just one of those cold, icy, blah-feeling-cabin-fever syndromes too. Now battling the rain … Need sunshine !

  2. Hi Meezergurl !! Thanks for the well wishes. I hope your having an awesome 'Free' year so far !! Saving our landfills, one person at a time 🙂

  3. Hi ! So sorry for the delayed response. It's been a rough few months…no bulking for me 🙁
    Bulking is exactly that, curb alert nights. I use my highlighted townships schedules for coordinating the sections vs. evenings vs. streets. You would not believe how many brand new items people just toss…it's sad. It's hard work & sometimes it's very physical , but it's definitely worth it !! Best is when there is an estate sale…scope it out, maybe haggle some deals….but get there the last day at closing… It's usually all on the curb now !!! It's way too much fun, & makes you $ if your up for organizing, researching rare things you know you can pawn or sell directly. I keep most secrets to myself & family….usually, your the second person that I don't know but feel like you would be as much into this thrill as I'am !! I have Never ever got food…just not my thing…I mean food from dumpsters….I have asked at a restaurants closing time for any leftover warm breads..that's it though. Not against it , never tried it , so can never really say I wouldn't like it….just don't like bugs & always concerned about cross contamination – I'm a flavor chemist , so smells, tastes & mouthfeel are my life. Maybe one day I will try it ! I never say no or judge anyone until I have walked in their shoes.
    I know this will be posted– I'll hold off on pics 🙂 happy diving/bulking !Thanks so much for wishing me well 🙂
    ~ Jennifer 😀

  4. @ Meezergurl … Not too shabby at all!! I just came across your videos and I must say, I thought I was the only person who did this…well, almost like this. I never dumpster dove but it looks just as exciting !! I guess I just need to figure out where and when. What I actually do is Bulk. Where I live the state does either once or twice monthly scheduled Bulky nights. I have spread sheets for each town,streets and Bulk night. It's on the curbs or in boxes set out after 7 pm only .. So Bulking is a 7 pm – roughly 5am thrill rush. Just need the right supplies & your set ! Put it this way, 80% of my finds are brand new with tags , you name it I got it! Been ill this summer & fall 🙁 So I'm teasing myself by watching this ! Last summer I had 4 tag sales & give awesome deals… I generated a mortgage payment in 3 days.- which is beyond buying 5 new Apple iPads…..sickening what these towns around here fill our dumps with. It was insane traffic, I needed lookouts and 3 family members to help. Soooo fun !! Can't wait to dive now !!!! Thank you my new friend ! It's a respect only people can share that understand the rush of the find !!!!