Large or Aggressive Parrots

Jessi shows you how to handle larger birds like macaws, how to safely work with aggressive parrots, and understanding some of the most common basic problems people have with their pet birds.

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  1. what are the levels for "easy to take care of" to "big and active parrot"?

    I hear parakeets are the easiest, and macaws require the most work.

    so would it be parakeet, then cockatiel for people who want a bit more interaction…. so are conures the best balance between playful/cuddly and not a ton of work to do? I hear conures require the same amount of daily work as parakeets as far as cleaning/etc, but are very cuddly and playful? so are conures the best middle ground?

  2. Hi,How do you get smaller not tamed parrotlets back into their cage?Julie

  3. i wish i'd known all this when i had my cockatiel. i was too young and shouldn't have owned a bird, and i regret not providing the best care for her. now i know parrots are one of those animals i should appreciate without owning one.

  4. What cage was that blue and gold in? Just looking for any future references 

  5. Hi, does anyone know a way of making a large parrot friendly with a smaller bird? I have just bought a 4month old yellow head amazon which is quite big and i already have a 2 year old parrotlet. They are both attached to me and both go crazy if the other is on my shoulder, last time this happened the larger bird tried attacking my parrotlet which scared me and my gf. We dont want to sell either they are family so is there a way of helping them get along please?

  6. Jesse, is perching a bird on ur shoulder a safe method if so how do I do this safely

  7. Question: if my CAG bites and latches on, how do you get them to let go. Also he bites me when my husband is in eyesight, he also doesn't seem to like any men. Any other time I can do just about whatever with him.

  8. What is that word you are using that sounds like citizen?

    What does it mean?

  9. There's a post going around tumblr that says we shouldn't keep parrots as pets at all because they are wild animals and humans are not capable of fulfilling their social and emotional needs. Do you have any thoughts on that? is it an overreaction?

  10. What do I do when trying to train my parrot but he only excepts treats while he is on his cage

  11. Hi Jessie 😀
    Can you please do a day in the life of Ecuador please and how Jenday Conures behaviour on a daily basis please 😀 i would love to learn more about her <3

  12. How do I get my bird to stop biting me when I pick her up even when I have a treat for her.we made a very good relationship with her.i love her but I am now afried of to pick her up.

  13. Hi Jessi! I'm looking into getting a conure soon (preferably a jenday or a sun) as my budgies passed away many years ago. I understand that to develop a trust bond, you have to work with the bird and play with it, which involves allowing it to explore outside its cage. How would you get the bird back into its cage if your trust bond has not fully developed yet? As in, if they don't step up or they fly away as you approach them.. how would you go about encouraging the bird to get back inside? Thanks!

  14. My cockatiel like exploring holes and enclosed spaces, is that normal?

  15. I love your show! 🙂 I was wondering How you start grooming them? My budgies have really long nails, isn't that a problem when you want to start hand taming them? 🙂 thank you! :)

  16. Good afternoon! I just had a question about my Jenday. So far I believe we're awesomely bonded. I took part of her hand feeding :3 We cuddle, we play, etc etc just fine! She perches… everywhere on me xD My problem is that when she perches, she grooms me. Sometimes a BIT too painfully. I couldn't believe they groom each other this hard! She goes for my ears and fingers mainly and it huuuuuurts lol How do I get her to stop it? :c She isn't doing it out of aggressiveness, just cleaning xD But harsh cleaning D: