Les Paul’s Trio featuring Nicki Parrott – Autumn Leaves – IridiumLive! 9.17.2012

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IridiumLive! 9.17.2012
Les Paul’s Trio featuring Nicki Parrott – Autumn Leaves

The world’s new home of guitar, forever the home of Les Paul – The Iridium – Webcasting live from Times Square several nights per week! With select performances available for sale worldwide via our new audiophile record label, IridiumLive! For schedule and exclusive live content, visit www.IridiumLive.com

Produced and Mixed live by Doug Yoel
Filmed by Greg “Shaggy” Zemalkowski

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  1. Beautiful Lady, Beautiful Song, Beautiful Performance! I love that she is Moved by the music, as I am by their performance. What a Lovely voice, both vocally and in her bass playing. Les Paul is, of course, THE Maestro! I love her "dance moves" behind the bass, shows her Total involvement in the music! Instantly became a Huge fan!!

  2. Nicki..Pretty Pretty……………U play so pretty……Love this song

  3. Wonderful rendition ..nice voice with perfect phrasing… right on tone and stylistic playing …. plus , so dog gone lovely. Thanks for posting,