Life with Alex — Official Movie Trailer

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Life with Alex is a compelling film about non-human cognition and learning. Follow Alex, the African Grey parrot, and his colleagues — Dr. Irene Pepperberg, lab manager Arlene Levin-Rowe, and their student assistants — as they open a window for us into an unprecedented world. See never-before-released footage of Alex using meaningful human speech to convey his daily thoughts and feelings. Learn about Alex”s daily life, relationships, and accomplishments, which changed forever what we know about how animals think.

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Winner of the New Jersey Film Festival – 2013
Official Selection, San Francisco Doc Fest – 2013
Official Selection, Arizona International Film Festival – 2013

55 Minutes
Directed by Emily Wick
Produced by Grey Parrot Studios
in association with The Alex Foundation
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  1. I wanna buy it, but the dollar is too high for an actual dvd + the shipping (and I don't even know if you'd send to Brazil). Would you sell it and send a link for me to download? Thanks.

  2. I really want to buy and watch this, but i dont do physical DVDs.. to much 'stuff' to carry around.  Put the full movie here on your youtube channel and you'd make more from its plays , because of all the non-sales of your Physical DVD only option from people like me.  Or make a digital version available somewhere, somehow(and not just through iTunes).  Amazing story though.. Amazing bird.

  3. May I ask can can the DVD play with any DVD regions? Can't wait to take a look.

  4. You be good, Alex, wherever you are today. We love you. RIP. 🙂

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  6. I have never had a parrot that plucked, but I do know from spending a lot of time with birds that plucking can occur regardless of the actions of the owner. It's like nail biting or hair pulling in humans. Him plucking his feathers doesn't mean he lived a horrible life. Quite the contrary, actually.

  7. I'm not sure, he seemed very happy. He even knew to get his will through and pretty much lived as he wanted.
    He also clearly stated as his last words that he loved her.

  8. I know poor Alex was found dead unexpectedly one morning. It was sad. I'm sorry he died. Was his cause of death ever determined?

  9. If you watched the film, Alex training twice a day for 20 minutes (only if he wanted to).

  10. Hi u check ur fb page called Bird Tameness. Love ur video n i saw ur fb

  11. she spent 30 years training it 8 -12 hours days i heard. Of course it would know more then the average bird >I wonder how it died so young

  12. How Exciting! I picked up the book 'life with alex' in front of Zabar's on Amsterdam Ave years ago, and it just inspired me so b/c animals give so much love and really need to be better understood. thanks for making another great film focusing on animals and human relations. your work is very valuable!

  13. We are now taking preorders at our website. The DVD's will start to be shipped on October 1st. Our website address is in the video description above.

  14. Please visit our new website. We will be selling the DVD in a few more weeks. I am not allow to post the site in comments, but you can find it in the movie's description.