Macaw / Parrot cursing (Angry Bird saying WTF)

WTF!!! For those who has comments about why he was being taught to say WTF, he learnt that from a Hollywood movie. For those who has comments about he’s being chained, we didn’t have his wings clipped, so he can fly and he would have get down from the pole and chew whatever he can reach.

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  2. I have watched this every day since it was uploaded, and I STILL find it funny. Better than most of the shit that’s on TV lately.

  3. I watch this video everyday before work, makes my day hahaha

  4. Beautiful colors and he is verbal… Real expression about being chained. The last two ones are stresses! I’d enjoy swearing like this funny parrot… only, people wouldn’t be giggling.

  5. Hilarious!! I used to have a blue & gold who also had a rather salty vocabulary. Absolutely broke my heart when she passed 5 years ago. Mourn for her every day. RiP Alex.

  6. I watch this at least once every 2-3 months. And i show EVERY1!!!! Its hilair