Magna Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot talking and dancing

Magna Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot talking and dancing. She just turned 1 year old.

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  1. i just got one and its a very beautiful bird and very smart but i am still working on him because he is not hand tame .

  2. Love ur video! I just got a baby double yellowhead magna! What is that pole shes swingin on and where can i get one! Id love to get one for mine!!!

  3. OMG excellent video! We just got one, a year old and he’s very quiet. Hes also very reserved and stays Ans doesn’t move unless someone comes near the cage and freaks him out. Any advice? Anyone.

  4. After watching this video once, my Timneh and my Panama Amazon are obsessed with the growling sound she makes; all day long they imitate it “rrrrarrrarrrarrrarrarraa”

  5. Okay, I’ve had parrots for 40 years, but this made me split my sides laughing!!!

  6. My blue front used to do something similar to this….till he fell off and hit the ground..

  7. How cute! My dyh is 11 years old. I would love to see him pole dance. I’ll have to start by getting him a pole. Thanks for sharing.