Mango Kiwi Caique: Funny Play

Mango and Kiwi, the white-bellied Caique parrot sisters, having some play time on the floor, wrestling on their backs, and having a fun time… So cute!

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  1. Why can't I find one of these darn birds. I live in Virginia and there are like zero breeders.

  2. What's unique with Caiques is that when you get a pair, even if their bonded they will remain hand tame while most parrots would go wild. That's why many people have a pair. If you get a pair they can get their social interaction every day even if you're busy or at work, etc. So yes it can be good to have a pair but they should be properly introduced.

  3. Nice, i just got a caique last weekend. But i noticed that most people have two of them. Should i get another one in some point you think?

  4. I might get a Caique, they are the hamsters of the parrot world.

  5. Actually, they're not too loud overall… Not like a lot of other birds.

    Most of their noise is easy enough on the ears. If they are particularly excited or happy, like singing first thing in the morning, they can be a bit loud, but it's happy noise.

    However, if we put them in their room alone and they don't want to be alone, they might squawk for a while, which is the loudest they get. But not that bad. We live in an apartment, and it's just fine. Little kids crying would be worse.

  6. "Not very delicate birds" sums up caiques better than anything else I have ever heard. Caiques like to play, and they like to play HARD =D