Meet Molly and Flash 💞😱

Special thanks for Melissa C Water for allowing us the fair use of this video. The video is fully owned and edited by Melissa C. water.

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  1. Hi, I'm from brazil! I started following your channel, I confess that I'm enjoying it very much. I do not understand everything in English, I'm still learning, but I really liked the way they take care of the birds and their bond with them, here in my city in the state of Bahia, I rehabilitate small birds and video to YouTube giving tips and showing a little of them. Congratulations on the channel, thank you for your attention.

  2. Hey I Put My cockateil nd Lovebird together Will they harm each other ! ( Both are Males ) Reply Me Asap

  3. Hello Bro how are you? I have some questions please help? yesterday i bought a adult blue mask lovebird. I want to tame and also free flying I watched your some videos loved it. My question is what reward food should be a lovebird can you type these food name? And i also watched at YouTube budgies speak so lovebirds also speak or not? One more thing many videos uploaded on YouTube 1 hour lovebirds sound so lovebirds sounds are good or not for my blue mask lovebird? Sorry my English is bad but hope you understand.

  4. OMG I got a baby just like Molly! Btw, Hi! I recently got my female cockatiel a mate, and she got super agressive towards me She viciously bites my hand. I love her with all my heart and don´t want her to be this angry with me. Please help me 🙁

  5. my indian ring neck is scared even when I get remotely close he flys away I cant get close to him

  6. Hello. I had a question. I am looking to adopt a small bird. What would you recommend for a first time bird owner I don't care if it cannot talk or do tricks. I am looking for a companion bird.

  7. Thank you so much for those videos ! Quinto does the "fit-fiooooo" sound and he's triggered lol XD