Moby, the yellow naped Amazon parrot

Moby, a yellow naped Amazon parrot, performs a talking routine. Moby is part of the Wonders of Nature Traveling Wildlife Show based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Moby’s trainer is Matt Edmonds.

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  2. How old is he and how long did u need to teach him all that stuff?

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  4. i have that kind of bird her name is purly/perly i love that bird

  5. I wonder if at the end of the video he knew the camera was still on

  6. Hi, We are mainly a “private” show. In other words, we do shows at Retirement communities, schools, birthday parties. So most of our shows aren’t open to the general public. If you have a group that would like a fun show though…. we go to Sarasota a lot! I’m glad you like Moby!

  7. Your English is better than mine!
    Have a bowl of treats in a bowl near (but not within sight of the bird) and every time she says something….. immediately say “good!!!” and go give the bird a treat. If you are good at rewarding her, she’ll understand that talking brings her favorite treat and she’ll talk more. Good luck!

  8. Beautiful!! Very funny, i’m gonna try to learn my parrot Pico Fire!! I laughed very much about Moby, he is a wonderful parrot. I’m Dutch, so my English is not very good, sorry about that! Have you got any tips for me? Pico is very intelligent and she is a fast learner.
    Thanks for this video!!

  9. I now have an African grey parrot since watching this last year … Best thing I ever did ! How long be4 moby talked?
    Gizmo is 4 n half months now does tricks for me … Looking forward to his talking !!! 🙂 angie

  10. Hi, There is no “magic” reward, or “best” reward to use. A reward only need be something the bird likes. The vast majority of Moby’s rewards are his pelleted diet.
    I’m glad you liked him!!

  11. What treats are you using to help train the bird?!!! You have done a wonderful job. I am about to adopt one and would love to know the treats you use.

  12. Mate Love it me and my Blue fronted amazon Wookie watch this all the time!

  13. My Yellow Nape and I watch this almost everyday I wonder if he will pick any of this up

  14. You can tell how much they are overfed if they start growing black tail wings and then it starts growing into their wing feathers,, That is fat building up in their blood systems.. Be aware of black feathers.. It can’t be rebuilt with easy results..

  15. My first exotic was a Yellow Nape. His name was Fibber. I got him when he was 6 months old. He died from a heart attack because I didn’t know how to feed him. I fed him so much seed everyday. And he loved it! So much so that he would scream when I finally learned he was being over fed, and tried to change his diet. I had him for 25 years, he could have lived twice that long…I miss him so much and can’t impress how much you need to control their diets!! I miss you Fibber!! Love you so much!!!

  16. what a clever bird :)))
    since I have a parrot, I adore Amazons 🙂
    Moby is great <3

  17. only thing i didn’t get was the sun conure…other than that. AWESOME!

  18. Having any kind of large parrot is a BIG responsibility and you need to do lots of research before purchasing one. Too many parrots are bought and, after the owner discovers just how much care and attention they require, end up being abused or neglected.  They are loud. They are messy. They NEED positive interaction with their owner several hours a day. Not all parrots talk. They can live up to at least 70 years. They need a responsible owner. Think before you buy one.