Morning Routine of MJ, the African Grey Parrot

This is MJ’s morning routine. He usually talks a little more in the morning, than this video shows. But I edited it to save time. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. +Donald Ingrassia I am very sorry that your grey was stolen. It's heartbreaking. I hope you find him, soon. But I can assure you that MJ is not your parrot. My grandma bought him from Scott's Pet Shop, near Chicago, in 1998 (the same year he hatched) & after she died in 2004, I inherited him. 

  2. Thats my parrot stolen from feathersound apartment complex around 1999

  3. You can give yogurt that has VITD3 in it,like Stoneyfields.Hard cheese once in awhile is fine too.These are processed dairy,that any Bird can handle.I think this vid is great BTW!!!!

  4. I make plain hot air popped popcorn for my birds with no butter, salt or anything and they LOVE it just like him. Sometimes I roll it in a tiny bit of natural peanut butter and then a little seed….I try to make a lot of my own things to make big batches cause I have so many feathered kids…

  5. You are one very good mommy to MJ and it shows. He's very spoiled, happy and it shows.

  6. You are one very good mommy to MJ and it shows. He's very spoiled, happy and it shows.

  7. Yeah, I rotate his toys. This was probably right before I put a new one or two in there. He usually has more.

  8. Wow, that's awesome! How old is Miko?

    That's a good point about the yogurt treats. I don't give him many, but maybe I should stop buying them. Is the food coloring that bad? I can get the same kind without coloring, but Idk how MJ would react to that, lol. He likes eating his food by color (all the red, then all the orange, then all the purple, etc, lol.)

  9. A single bird in a cage is always a depressing sight. At least they should be kept as a pair and have the possibility to fly around.

  10. He's a very well-adjusted and well-cared for bird, and VERY smart! I love him!

  11. My grey Miko is a riot.
    He goes 'ooOOooo!' when he sees something new , asks for a shower, says phone number, counts to ten (i am training him to count objects and colours , hes smart!)
    he poos before i pick him up, he greets us when we come in, shakes hands , waves, gives 5, i put him on his back then hang him by his tail
    He talks ALOT, loves cashews and walnuts.
    MJ's food has ALOT of colouring in it and the yoghurt (non dairy or not )probably isnt good for him, & dried mango is pure sugar.

  12. get an african grey and then talk.
    theyre smarter than you at any rate XD

  13. He doesn't really *need* a cover, I guess, but it helps him get a better night sleep, I think. It's dark so it blocks out light and he can't see through it, so he won't get scared if we get up for a midnight snack or something. Sometimes he pulls it off, after we cover him for the night, but usually once it's on, he'll go to sleep. He asks for it, actually, he says, "Want to go night" and that's when we put the cover on his cage. 😉

  14. Yes, but he doesn't like being out very often. Watch my new video, MJ Exploring. I let him walk around like that every so often. But he can't wait to get home! I let him crawl on the outside of his cage and sit on his door much more often.