My Amazon parrot Mazony

Taming Amazon parrot
The first thing I started to tame my parrot was from his cage by placing it in the most engaging room and talking to him every time I pass by or sitting in the room.
The most important thing is to gain their confidence.
It took 4 months and a lot of patience and love.
Slowly and gradually I gained his confidence by touching him while he was inside the aivary and then tried to take it out for the first time with love as shown in the video.
Gain confidence.
Love and talk more and more.
Placing aivary in the most happening or engaging room.
Then try to take it out and let him free for a whole and start touching, playing and talking to it by intervals will definitely show you the best results.
Clip some of the flight feathers before taking ur bird out so it won’t take a high flight.
Good luck!

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