My Baby Sun Conure

This is my baby Sun Conure. We got him yesterday, he is twelve weeks old, and he hatched on October 1st. We aren’t sure whether it is a girl or boy yet, so h…

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  1. I have always wanted a Sun Conure also and now I have 2 parrotlets… haha 🙂

  2. I hear parakeets in the background! Do you ever let both the Conure and Parakeets hang out together, or will they fight?

  3. She’s gorgeous! I have a yellow sided green cheek, sun conures are too noisy for me.

  4. do they have to be 12 weeks old for you to take them home?

  5. So pretty 🙂 I originally wanted a sun conure. But then I met Otis, my parrotlet and fell in love with him 🙂 he’s like a pocket sized cuddle monster.


  7. I remember my Sun when he was like this so cute he’s 4 now nearly 5 wouldn’t be without him :0)

  8. Oh my gosh…..eeeeeee! The way he/she walks around is so cute! And the way it ruffles it’s feathers and looks at you makes me want to jump out of my chair. I just want to reach out and love on the little darling. Oh my gosh, while typing this I saw him do the flip. Cuteness overload!! Tell me when you specify his or her gender and what you will name it.

  9. He is just so adorable! I wish I could cuddle him. The more I look at him, the more I think “Gish, he is so precious, just the cuuutest thing!”

  10. My sun conure is 13 weeks and she says hello, hi , and pretty bird!

  11. Babies are born with a lot of green, by a year old they have the yellow color!

  12. Nice conure , so when sun conures are babys they have green wings and then they turn all yellow? Or is there two types of sun conures?

  13. It looks like a jenday conure, not a sun conure. Jendays have green wings like this one, suns have yellow wings

  14. i got a sun conure myself yes very loud but adorable and i love my little cho-choo so much….

  15. Very nice parrot! love the colors and they seem to be calm birds. So cute!!