My cockatoo giving goodnight kisses to my nephew 😘😘😘 so cute😍

This is Ali my nephew just came from back home.
After having a live scream Jose and Ali said goodnight to each other. What a nice day it was❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️ cute cockatoo, funny cockatoo, cockatoo kissing, lovely cockatoo

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  1. Jose dear…What's your "secret" to getting SO MUCH LOVIN' from everybody…I might get envious…LOL

  2. What a sweetie Joseph is with Ali. Ali is kind to Joseph. That's nice.

  3. Ali is very good with Joseph – I am happy Joseph has such a beautiful family – is that farsi I hear?

  4. Oh, Joseph. He is such a sweetheart, doesn't want Es' nephew to leave. And Es' nephew, he is so loving towards Joseph too. Everyone loves you Joseph!
    Have a wonderful weekend.