My Cockatoo Jersey is So Jealous!! COCKATOO TANTRUM

My Cockatoo Jersey is so jealous! She is mad because I was caught giving my african grey Cody and love:) cockatoo tantrum

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  1. I can't stop.jersey has her style and she is sooo full of herself.i wish i could meet her.oh i can't explain

  2. I have a question… so I understand that Jersey plucks her feathers because of stress, and she does that even before new one can grow in. I think I also heard she came from a bad home and that caused her the stress? My question is if she will become less stressed over time and stop plucking.

    I really feel for her… I have an anxiety disorder myself.

  3. Jersey, I think you'll be quite happy to hear that a group of scientist have found 20 preserved dinosaur eggs today! No REALLY, I kid you not. So, just in case you get lonely you may be able to hiss with the best of them 😁 You do know that you are so cute and so very loved by us all. 💞💞💞

  4. Is Jersey a umbrella cockatoo? looks like it because the shape of the crest

  5. Jersey, you are so cute. OMG. But just one question; what happened to hier feathers? Cute anyway.